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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "A Cool School" from season one which aired on October 8, 1999.


  • [In the playroom, Max is hiding inside the play house. Emmy enters.]
  • Emmy: Max, look! Dad bought us backpacks for our new school!
  • [Giant footsteps approach]
  • Ord's Mom: Ord?
  • Ord: Yeah, mom?
  • Ord's Mom: Don't forget your lunch.
  • Ord: My lunch? I forgot my lunch? I could've starved to death! Thanks, mom!
  • Ord's Mom: Have fun, little one.
  • [She walks away.]
  • Max: You have the biggest mommy I ever saw!
  • Ord: Yeah, I know.
  • Emmy: What do we get to do first, Quetzal?
  • Quetzal: Well, at the School in the Sky, we begin our day with fire-breathing time.
  • Max: Fire breathing? How are we gonna do that?
  • Quetzal: Everyone ready? Now take a big, big breath.
  • [The dragons take a deep breath.]
  • Quetzal: Muy bien. Aim at the target. And blow, blow, blow, as hard as you can.
  • [Cassie breathes fire; it comes out as tiny sparks.]
  • Cassie: Oh, I'll have to try again.
  • [Zak breathes fire, but it doesn't reach the target. Wheezie breathes fire, it comes out as clumps that miss the target. Ord breathes fire, and it comes out as humongous and gigantic that not only it hits the target, but also burns it to ashes.]
  • Ord: Oops.
  • Emmy: Our turn, Max.
  • Max: It's too hard. I don't know how to breathe fire.
  • Emmy: Me neither, but let's try.
  • [Emmy inhales, but only blows a raspberry.]
  • Ord: What was that?
  • Zak: It sounded gross.
  • Wheezie: Looooooved it!
  • Emmy: Guess I need a little practice.
  • Max: I told you a new school would be too hard. We should go home.
  • Ord: But school just started!
  • Cassie: You'll miss all the other fun stuff!
  • Wheezie: We dance, we sing...
  • Ord: We have snack!
  • Max: I'll never ever breathe fire, because I'm not a dragon. See? No tail. I'm just a boy.
  • Quetzal: So you can breathe fire like a boy, Maxito, not a dragon.
  • Emmy: Yow! My mouth's on fire! On fire? Quetzal, may we borrow a big bowl of your salsa?
  • Quetzal: Of course!
  • Max: Like what? How are we gonna get up high?
  • Cassie: We put all the blocks away by color. The white pearls go here, the gold bricks here, and the red rubies - they're my favorite - go here.
  • Max: If you’re stuck, don’t give up, try something new. I know how to do it. By the shape. Circle for pearls, rectangle for gold, triangle for rubies.