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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "A Crown For Princess Kidoodle" from season two, which aired on June 20, 2001.


  • Wheezie: What happened?
  • Max: But if you don't bring the crown to Princess Kidoodle? She can't be crown Queen of the Doodle Fairies.
  • Ord: Yeah! You can't let the princess down on her big day.
  • Max: Yeah! The stepping stones.
  • Emmy: How are we gonna do that Max? We don't have time to dig a tunnel.
  • Zak: Does anybody see two big rocks?
  • Ord: But if you don't keep going? Princess Kidoodle won't get her crown.
  • Max: That's why you have to come with us, Ord.
  • Zak: We'll take it nice and slow.
  • Ord: Giants!
  • Max: And giant drums. I bet they're on their way to see Princess Kidoodle, too.
  • Wheezie: Hmm! It's not too windy, maybe it's safe to fly.
  • Emmy: The Fairy Kingdom!
  • Max: Finally.
  • Emmy: They're locked.
  • Wheezie: Locked? On the day Princess Kidoodle is getting crown queen of all the Doodle Fairies?
  • Zak: Yeah! Why would they lock the gates with all the guest coming?
  • Max: Hey, hello! Doodle Faires? Can you hear me?
  • Zak: We can't fly over the gate, there's no room.
  • Ord: Come on! Open up! Please? We'll miss the royal feast and I'm hungry.
  • Cassie: Um Ord? Shaking the gates won't help. There are special words to open them and we all have to say the words together.