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A Feat On Her Feet
Season: 1
Production code: 12b
Broadcast number: 12b
Written by:
Scott Guy
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 5, 1999
Paired with
"Zak and the Beanstalk"

A Feat On Her Feet is the second segment of the twelfth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Cassie doesn't know how to roller-skate and she needs to get flowers to Singing Springs on time. Her friends encourage her to try rollerskating and she discovers just how easy it can be!





A Feat On Her Feet (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • (The kids arrive in Dragon Land where they find Ord skating around.)
  • Ord: Max! Emmy! Watch me go!
  • Emmy: Wow!
  • (Max crouches down and notices Ord is actually floating in midair.)
  • Max: Wait a minute. Aren’t your skates supposed to be on the ground?
  • Ord: Maybe.
  • Cassie: (to her wilting jingle flowers in her broken wagon) Oh, you poor things. How will I ever get you to Singing Springs now?
  • Emmy: Why do you need to take the flowers to Singing Springs, Cassie?
  • Cassie: Because they're jingle flowers.
  • Cassie: Oh, what’s the use?
  • Ord: Don’t give up, Cassie. Remember how long it took me to learn to ride a bike?
  • Max: Yeah. I just got my training wheels taken off last week.
  • Emmy: Training wheels! You’re a genius, Max!
  • Max: (proudly) I know. (Then surprised) I am?
  • (Max and Emmy arrived home and begin taking off their skates.)
  • Max: Skating was fun.
  • Emmy: Too bad jingle flowers only grow in Dragon Land, Max.
  • Max: Hey! I know how we can have musical flowers.
  • (Max goes into the closet and pulls out a pair of plastic flowers and a xylophone.)
  • Max: Neat. Huh?
  • (Max continues banging on the keys with the flowers.)
  • Emmy: (covering her ears) Those don’t sound like jingle flowers. They sound like…….
  • (the flowers break to pieces and scatter all over the floor.)
  • Max: A big mess.
  • (The two laugh as the scene fades to black.)

Home Video release[]



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Roller skating can be hard at first, so take it little by little.
  • Ord makes a callback to the episode "A Liking To Biking," remembering how hard it was for him to ride a bike.
  • Speaking of that, likewise, it was hard for Cassie to learn to roller-skate, yet her badge doesn't glow.
  • Cassie and her friends sing a song set to the tune of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells."