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A Liking To Biking
Season: 1
Production code: 10b
Broadcast number: 10b
Written by:
Lane Raichert
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 24, 1999
Paired with
"Eggs Over Easy"

A Liking To Biking is the second segment of the tenth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Ord finds riding a bike for the first time is too hard and gives up. His friends lend a helping hand and Ord tries over and over until he gets it right.





A Liking To Biking (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

Ord: "Whooooooooa!"
Emmy: "Ord, not so fast! Stop!"
Ord: "Stop? You didn't teach me how to do that."
Emmy, Max, and Cassie: "Uh-oh."
(Ord is still riding his bike that he didn't pay attention where he's going that he crashes into a tree)
Ord: "Oops."
Emmy: "One more thing. Watch where you're going."
Ord: "I get that."

Home Video release[]



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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Just because you're not good at something doesn't necessarily mean you should stop. Stick to it, and you'll find you can do it.
  • Zak and Wheezie don't appear in this episode.
  • This is the debut and only appearance of Max and Emmy's bikes.
  • This is the first time someone breaks someone else's belongings. The second time being in "A Smashing Success," after Max accidentally breaks one of Emmy's dolls by pulling his flashlight string too hard while it was tangled to the doll's arm, and the third time being in the same episode, where Emmy accidentally breaks Wheezie's trumpet while she plays music with it when the dragon friends go and get a snack. Even though Emmy is afraid of telling Wheezie about the trumpet incident, Wheezie blames Zak (then Cassie) for breaking it instead. The fourth time being in "Do Not Pass Gnome," after Max accidentally breaks Emmy's yo-yo after he tried it despite having been told not to. And the fifth and last time being in "The Grudge Won't Budge," after Wheezie accidentally breaks Zak's flute and Zak refuses to forgive her for apologizing.
  • Max is never shown teaching Quetzal how to bike before he and Emmy said the closing rhyme. That was his end of a deal he made with Quetzal in exchange for fixing his bike. Maybe either it was decided that Ord wasn't finished learning yet, or Max would teach Quetzal another day.
  • Ord's line "Oh yeah!" would later be recycled and reused again in the episode "Cassie Loves A Parade."
  • Speaking of reusing a part of this episode, the scene where Ord rides with his friends was recycled and reused in "Remember The Pillow Fort."