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A New Friend
Season: 2
Production code: 6a
Broadcast number: 6a
Written by:
Susan Kim
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 18, 2001
Paired with
"Have No Fear" (2001 Broadcast)
"El Dia del Maestro" (2005 Broadcast)

A New Friend is the first segment of the sixth episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


The gang is introduced to Lorca, a dragon with a wheelchair, who takes them on a treasure hunt.


Max and Emmy are looking through a box of cardboard pieces that their mother was going to recycle. Suddenly, as they try to find uses for it, the dragons call, and the children arrive.

As the gang arrives, it turns out that they called because Quetzal wanted them to meet someone new. Sure enough, Quetzal introduces a new student to the gang: a salmon-colored boy dragon named Lorca, who is in a wheelchair. He shows a magic trick that his uncle had taught him: causing a bouquet of flowers to appear from thin air, and he gives them to Cassie. The gang is amazed by it. Max compliments Lorca's wheelchair, which he has never seen up close. Lorca explains that he rolls because he can't walk. When Max asks why, Lorca replies that it's how he was born; he can't move his legs, so he uses his arms and hands to go around, and he demonstrates by rolling in a circle. Quetzal asks the gang if they'd like to show Lorca around. They agree to. Lorca tells them a secret: that when his mother was cleaning up her attic, she found a bottle with a treasure map, and on the map, it starts from the school in the sky. Lorca then shows where an X is, meaning the treasure is there. Quetzal bids them good-bye, telling them to have fun.

To start off, the gang enters a forest, and it is low enough for Lorca to safely roll under the tree tunnel, but unlike their smaller friends, Ord and the twins have to duck. Cassie is handling the map. They then come across a river near the exit on the other side. There is no room overhead to fly over the river, Max can't swim that far, it's too wide to jump over either, it's too deep to wade across, and Lorca can't roll across it. Cassie points out six dragon turtles. When asked nicely, they form a path of "stepping stones" for Cassie, Emmy, Max, and the twins (with some stumbling trouble) to walk across, but they leave Ord and Lorca stranded because the former is too big, and the latter can't roll his wheelchair onto their backs, either. Ord decides to use a log that is halved lengthwise. When he picks it up, Lorca is amazed by his strength, which Ord says is from dragonberries. It is both strong enough to support Ord's weight and flat and wide enough to hold Lorca's wheelchair, so they both walk across, and the rest of the gang cheer.

The next part of the map consists of something Lorca can't interpret. Cassie reveals it to be a field of twinkledaisies, surrounded by trees and vines. It is convenient that there are any because, as Cassie points out, the twinkledaisies are just baby seedlings, and she doesn't want them crushed. Ord offers to carry Lorca's wheelchair, but he has another idea: to hold onto the vines and swing on them past the baby twinkledaisies. Ord is impressed by Lorca's strength and believes the same thing about the latter that he had earlier said about the former. He is still holding on to the last vine until Zak and Wheezie carry his wheelchair to him. Max decides to try. He does manage to grab one of the vines, but he has trouble swinging from vine to vine, so Ord helps him, and the girls fly past, this time with Emmy holding the map. Wheezie is proud that they'd gotten past the twinkledaisies without stepping on even one.

As Emmy observes through the map, the next step is down a hill and across a big field. Unfortunately, as they get down, not only is there a fog, but some of the gang are getting sleepy. Cassie knows it to be sleepytime fog. It doesn't harm anyone, but if too much is breathed in, it makes those who do so fall asleep for a while. The gang can't go around or fly over it, so Cassie decides to go through it as fast as they can. When Max gets sleepy, Ord resolves to carry him, but he gets sleepy too. Zak has fallen asleep. Emmy, of course, gets sleepy despite Cassie urging her to go on. Lorca decides to have Emmy sit on his lap. She does, and she lies down. Seeing this, Ord decides to get out a scooter and give it to Max to ride. They all get through, and everyone wakes up except Zak.

At the end, they find a big X of stones and dig a hole. Sure enough, there is a treasure chest, but instead of jewels, gold, or any other riches, inside are kaleidoscopes. The gang thanks Lorca for this adventure, and he then shows another magic trick: making bubbles float away from his hands.

After Max and Emmy leave for home, they decide what to use the cardboard rolls for: kaleidoscopes.



A New Friend (transcript)

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  • When Max says, "Uh-uh" (to Lorca's question on whether he had seen it before), his mouth is closed, but he is not making the nasal "Mm-mm" sound.

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