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A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words
Season: 1
Production code: 8a
Broadcast number: 8a
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 22, 1999
Paired with
"The Talent Pool"

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words is the first segment of the eighth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Ord wants to give his mother a very special birthday gift, so Doodle Fairy draws a map to a meadow full of Giggle Flowers.


The episode starts off with Max and Emmy in their playroom. They then go to Dragon Land to visit their dragon friends, Ord and Cassie, who are looking for Giggle Flowers for Ord's mom's birthday. They later stop by Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole, who were taking a bath at that time.

Later on in the meadow, while everyone's looking for Giggle Flowers, Max smells one that he thinks smells like a Giggle Flower and asks Ord if he thinks so. He takes a big whiff, which accidentally causes a fairy to get sucked into his nose, making him sneeze her out. Max says that something flew out of Ord's nose, making Zak react in disgust. Max then finds the fairy and picks her up, and Wheezie identifies her as a fairy. Ord then asks her if she knows where the Giggle Flowers are, so she shows them a picture of their location.

Max wonders why she isn't speaking, and Cassie explains that she's a Doodle Fairy, which communicates by drawing pictures. Once again, her fairy dust makes Ord sneeze, which destroys the picture and blows the fairy into the meadow, causing her to hit her head. So Max gives her a bubble gum wrapper to draw on, and Ord gives her the lead tip of a pencil (because the whole tool is too big for her to handle). She draws four spikes and a little partly-round shape underneath. Max guesses that it is a baseball glove, mistaking the farthest spike for the thumb, and the rest for fingers. Emmy asks if it's at a baseball park. The Doodle Fairy shakes her head no. Ord turns it on the side, revealing how he interprets it: a funny face. Wheezie agrees. Cassie asks if it's someplace that looks like a funny face. Once again, the Doodle Fairy shakes her head no. Wheezie guesses (upon seeing in person) that those are the Stickleback Mountains, though when she first points it out to Zak, he thinks it's a bee. When the guess is made, this time, the Doodle Fairy nods her head yes. The gang (and fairy, who is tagging along with the girls - not including Wheezie - and riding on Emmy's hand) leave for the Stickleback mountains. The fairy then wiggles Emmy's thumb and points down, so she informs the rest of the gang that it is time to land. They do not find any kind of flowers anywhere, though. Ord almost falls into a knuckerhole, prompting him to decide to be more careful. The Doodle Fairy points to it. Ord asks Emmy if she found something, and she says no, much to the fairy's dismay. Ord's mother calls to inform him that the party starts in ten minutes. Ord acknowledges that, but then despairs that he'll never find the giggle flowers in time, which will result in his lack of happiness, which in turn will result in his mother not being happy either, and ultimately, her not having a happy birthday. Emmy says they can't give up, and Cassie says they need another picture to help. The Doodle Fairy picks up a stick that is shaped like a pencil and sticks it into some sort of berry to use its juice for ink. It turns out that the doodle on the leaf this time is some sort of hill with a hole and someone with two heads. Max guesses incorrectly that it is Godzilla (who squashed a guy). Ord asks if it's someone playing dragonball. Once again, the fairy shakes her head no. Cassie resolves that they should try to figure out one part of the picture at a time. Emmy decides it's a dragon. The fairy neither nods nor shakes, but then she shows two fingers. Max guesses two dragons, but Emmy guesses correctly that it is a two-headed dragon, much to enough excitement for her to give a thumbs-up. At first, Wheezie wonders who they know to have two heads. Zak shows themselves in a mirror he takes out. Wheezie guesses that the drawing is of herself and Zak, and the fairy nods yes. When Emmy asks about the other part, Ord thinks he's seen that before. Max guesses incorrectly that it's a hairy bug. When the fairy shakes her head no again, Zak, finding this too hard, says he quits, but Ord won't have it. Emmy assures him (Ord) that they're not quitting. Cassie figures that maybe if they find out why Zak and Wheezie are standing in front of the other object, and the fairy nods her head yes. Wheezie asks if it's something she and Zak like, and again, the fairy nods yes, this time while pointing in its direction. Emmy asks what the twins like, and Max guesses funny noises (and makes those armpit noises). This time, the fair shakes her head no. When Cassie decides on the idea of asking this, Emmy asks them what they like. For the most part, they like opposite things. Ultimately, the thing they both like is to roll inside their favorite knuckerhole. This answer excites the fairy, who points the direction again. The twins can't find a knuckerhole at first... until Zak accidentally falls in, and the gang (and fairy) follow after (Ord doesn't go in until he and the fairy wink at each other) in the following order: Emmy, Cassie, Max, and then Ord (and the fairy in his hand).

They come across a garden of giggle flowers. Quetzal is there (and he is watering the flowers), not to collect any flowers for his mother's birthday as Max guesses, but because it is his garden. After Ord explains this and asks nicely, not only does Quetzal allow him to take some flowers for his mother, but makes a pretty bouquet of them. Ord excitedly thanks everyone, especially the Doodle Fairy who then blows him a kiss (possibly her way of saying, "You're welcome"). The lip mark does briefly form, but vanishes. Ord invites the gang and Quetzal to his mother's birthday party.

At Ord's place, he wishes his mother a happy birthday and gives her the giggle flowers. She mentions that they are her favorite flowers and giggles from a whiff, thanks him, and hugs him, much to his amusement (presumably from contact with the flowers).

Max and Emmy leave for home (with cake plates, and Emmy still has her piece of cake on her plate). Max draws something on a plate (possibly using paint). Emmy can't guess, but Max says it's a tummyache because of all the cake he had eaten at the party. He then falls back onto the floor, and Emmy silently giggles (presumably as a nod to the Doodle Fairy's lack of voice).



A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: Look Max. I made a dragon.
  • Max: And I am a dragon.
  • Emmy: Look! Our friends from Dragon Land are calling us.
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart.
  • Ord: Max! Emmy! You came!
  • Max: Ord!
  • Emmy: Get ready for a...
  • Emmy and Max: ...dragon hug.
  • Cassie: You're here.
  • Emmy: Hi, Cassie! Did someone call us?
  • Ord: I did. I need you to help me find some Giggle Flowers.
  • Max: This smells like a Giggle Flower. Doesn’t it, Ord? [Sure enough, Ord takes a long big whiff of the flower, when a fairy is seen flying off the flower, hanging on for dear life only to be sucked into one of Ord’s nostrils, causing pink dust to fly everywhere]
  • Ord: That kinda…makes me snnn…SNNNNNN..…! SNE-CHE AH-CHOO!!!!! [He sneezes so loud, that pink dust flies all over the place and the fairy flies out of his nostril and into the flower patch]
  • Max: Did you see that? Something flew out of Ord’s nose!
  • Zak: EEWWWW!!!!!!
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home, until next time.
  • Emmy: That was a fun party.
  • Max: Hey, Emmy. What’s this a picture of?
  • Emmy: What is it?
  • Max: A tummy ache. I think I ate too much cake.
  • [Max falls onto the floor]

Home Video Release[]



  • When the Doodle Fairy is first sucked out of the flower, her shoes are brown. Later on, her shoes are gold.
  • For some reason, in the first doodle the Doodle Fairy draws, there is something oval shaped near the bottom the stickleback mountains. Was it supposed to be a hole or a body of water? There was neither in the actual location.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: There are many ways to communicate. Some people use words, others communicate without words (such as drawing)
  • The episode's title has a double meaning.
  • Max mentions Godzilla when he mistakes the Doodle Fairy's drawing of Zak and Wheezie as such, and he then mistakes the knuckerhole in the drawing for a guy that Godzilla squashed.
  • This is the actual debut of Ord's mother, but it is not until "A Cool School," which was 7 episodes (14 segments) later that Max actually points out her size.
  • It is possible that the first giggleflower is voiced by Chantal Strand, using her Cassie voice (including the pitch).
  • This is the second episode that has to do with someone's birthday, the first being "Ord's Unhappy Birthday," but the first where the guest of honor is female, a parent, or isn't shown in full, Ord's mother meeting all three criteria.



A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words