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A Storybook Ending
Season: 3
Production code: 20b
Broadcast number: 20b
Written by:
Joe Menendez
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
March 30, 2005
Paired with
"Finders Keepers" (2005 Broadcast)

A Storybook Ending is the second segment of the twentieth episode of the third season of Dragon Tales.


The gang is all excited to hear a story from Quetzal. Enrique, who has never chosen a story before, chooses a tale about Quetzal and the gang all goes into the book to be part of the adventure.


Enrique arrives at Max and Emmy’s house and the kids are all ready to go to Dragon Land.

Once the kids arrive back home, Emmy suggests that they make a special book of their own, telling about the adventures they had in Dragon Land. When coming up with a title, Max thinks they should call it A Bunch of Cool Stuff that Happened in the Land of Dragons and Fairies and Giants and Gnomes and Unicorns and More. Thinking that would be too long a title, Emmy suggests to instead call their book: Dragon Tales.



A Storybook Ending (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]



  • Although this episode is supposed to be the series' finale, it is actually preceded by Just the Two of Us, Cowboy Max and Flip Flop, making it the actual series' finale.
  • When Enrique exclaims that he had never chosen a story before and gets up, Ord's left outermost toe has no claw.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • When you don’t understand someone else’s instructions, try looking at things from their perspective.
    • The adventures you have are stories to be treasured, and the memories will live on in you and the people you share them with.
  • This episode was supposed to mark the Final episode and the series finale of Dragon Tales. Although, it was actually preceded by Just the Two of Us, Cowboy Max and Flip Flop.
  • This is also supposed to be the last episode of season 3 of Dragon Tales, although it's actually not, due to the reason mentioned above.
  • This is also supposed to mark the episode in which Emmy, Max, Enrique, Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie, Quetzal and Mungus make their last appearance ever in the show, although only Mungus made his last appearance in the show, since the show still had three more episodes following it.
  • Emmy decides to call their own book Dragon Tales a title gag.