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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "A Tall Tale" from season two which aired on October 21, 1999.


  • [The episode starts in the playroom. Emmy is reading a book while Max is building a tall block tower. He’s trying to put one last block at the top.]
  • Max: Almost……..got it. Ow!
  • [But he ends up falling down on the floor. Emmy gets concerned and goes over to him.]
  • Emmy: Are you okay, Max?
  • Max: [Upset] I’m too short!
  • Emmy: Not for everything.
  • Max: All the fun things, like reaching the jungle gym at the park and the juice pops in the freezer.
  • [The dragon scale suddenly starts glowing in the drawer.]
  • Emmy: Well, I know a fun thing you can reach.
  • Max: The magic dragon scale!
  • Emmy: We’ll help you.
  • Eunice: You will?
  • Max: Sure, we’re really good lookers.
  • Eunice: Well thank you, Max. You’re—Ooh, well you’re one of the littlest dragons I’ve ever seen.
  • Max: [Laughs] I’m not a dragon, I’m a boy.
  • Max: Told you, Emmy. I’m always too short!
  • Eunice: Oh, it’s okay, Max.
  • [Max kicks some dirt with his right foot.]
  • Max: It’s not okay! I’m never going to be tall enough to do anything fun!
  • Eunice: [sad] Oh, now I’ll never get my glasses.
  • Max: Will so. We just have to crawl between the rocks.
  • Ord: But none of us can fit in there. We’re too big.
  • Max: I’m never too big.
  • [Max thinks about what he just said and gets an idea.]
  • Max: Hey! Maybe I can fit. I’m the littlest.
  • Zak and Wheezie: Yeah!
  • Ord: Hold on to my tail, Max.
  • [Ord wraps his tail around Max’s waist and lowers him down into the canyon.]
  • Emmy: Be careful, Max.
  • Max: A little more. Almost.
  • [Max spots the glasses and tries to reach them. It takes a little struggle, but he manages to grab them.]
  • Max: Got ‘em!
  • [Ord brings Max but up to the surface, and the two giggle while doing so.]
  • Zak, Wheezie: Yeah-Hoo!
  • Max: Here you go, Eunice.
  • [Max helps Eunice put her glasses back on]
  • Eunice: Oh! Oh! I can see! Oh Max! You’re kinda cute. [Laughs]
  • Max: I guess sometimes being little isn’t so bad.
  • Emmy: Definitely.
  • Max: Come on, Emmy. Let’s play with the building blocks.
  • Emmy: But I thought you didn’t want to. Because you’re too short to put another block on top.
  • Max: I know something better than putting a block on top.
  • Emmy: What’s that?
  • Max: Taking one from the bottom.
  • [Max pulls out green block from the bottom, making all the blocks tumble down. Max laughs while Emmy looks surprised. She begins laughing herself as the episode ends.]