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The Alone cone is used by a two headed dragon when one head does not want to hear or see the other head. In one episode, Zak wore the alone cone when Wheezie made him angry. In another episode, Zak put it over Wheezie's trumpet so she wouldn't bother Zak with her loud playing, and then used it over the juggle gym he built with the jugglebug inside of it so that when Wheezie practiced her trumpet, it would not scare the jugglebug away.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • The Alone cone is used twice in the series. In Quibbling Siblings, Zak used it when Wheezie was bugging him, such as keeping him up all night while practicing drumming on pots and pans, ruining his breakfast, and lost his magnifying glass (although she did find it afterwards). In So Long Solo, Zak used it to block Wheezie's loud trumpet noise. In the latter episode, Zak would later use it as a shelter for the jugglebug on his juggle gym while Wheezie practiced her trumpet.
  • It is unknown where the Alone cone originated.
  • Emmy made an Alone cone at the end of "Quibbling Siblings" out of a drawing of Zak. It is apparent that Zak's alone cone inspired her to find a way not to be disturbed by Max's noises when she is trying to color.
  • When Wheezie told Zak to take off the cone, Zak says he cannot hear a word she's saying, and then says he will not take "this silly thing" off, which could mean that another purpose of the Alone cone is to make others think that the user cannot hear them, even though he/she can.