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Baby Troubles
Season: 1
Production code: 32b
Broadcast number: 32b
Written by:
Cliff Ruby
Elana Lesser
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
April 18, 2000
Paired with
"Rope Trick"

Baby Troubles is the second segment of the thirty-second episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


Max and Emmy visit Ord's house to meet Cassie's little sister, Kiki, while she's getting ready for her nap time, but she is refusing to go to sleep, causing it to be very difficult for the gang to get her to sleep, especially when Ord accidentally destroys Kiki's favorite "Squishy" toy while he's taking a nap, making Kiki get very upset and cry. Now, it's up to Ord and Max to help get a new Squishy toy to finally get Kiki to take her nap.





Baby Troubles (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Cassie's Mom: Hi, Emmy, Max.
  • Max: Hi, Mrs...! [Giant footsteps] Here... comes... Ord's... mom!
  • Ord's Mom: Come on in. Ord's been waiting. Everyone's playing in his room.
  • Cassie: Come here, Kiki. Do you want your baba?
  • Ord: Maybe I'd better taste it to make sure it's not too hot. [He takes more than just a sip; five, to be exact.] Nope. Just right. [He continues drinking ten more sips.]
  • [Kiki is about to put a block in her mouth.)
  • Cassie: No, Kiki! That's not for eating!
  • [Kiki sniffles.]
  • Cassie: The bottle, Ord!
  • Ord: Uh, bottle? Um! Ah! What bottle?
  • Cassie: Kiki's bottle!
  • Ord: You mean this one? [He shows the now-empty bottle.]
  • Wheezie: Looks like you're putting her to sleep, Ord.
  • Zak: [yawns] Yeah. Me, too.
  • Ord: You can sleep with Tiny.
  • Cassie: See? That was easy.
  • Kiki: No! [she pushes Tiny off the bed] No!
  • Cassie: But it's nappy time!
  • Kiki: [She pushes off the pink pillow] No! No! [She hides under the blanket crying]
  • Zak: Glad we got that straightened out!
  • [Before Zak and Wheezie sing, "bough breaks" in "Rock-A-Bye Baby," a snoring sound is heard.]
  • Wheezie: Is she asleep?
  • [It is shown that she is not asleep, she is bouncing on the bed.]
  • Emmy: Not Kiki.
  • [She points to the other side of the bed, where it is shown that the snoring is from Ord.]
  • [Max wakes Ord up trying to look over him for the squishy.]
  • Ord: Whatcha lookin' for, Max?
  • Max: Kiki's squishy.
  • Ord: Uh-oh! [He reveals that he fell asleep on it, squishing it.] I think it's squooshed.
  • [Kiki has squeezed Zak's nose, mistaking it for a squishy.]
  • Zak: Oh, brother!
  • Cassie's Mom: How did it go?
  • Cassie: Like I said, it was easy, Mommy.
  • [The whole gang yawns in relief and exhaustion: Max and Ord from hunting for a new squishy, and everyone else for caring for Kiki.]
  • Emmy: Boy, it sure makes you tired putting a baby to sleep.
  • Max: I know.
  • Emmy: You can play space station, Max. I'm too tired. [pause, as he doesn't answer] Max?
  • [He is asleep on the windowsill, so Emmy puts the blanket next to him over him.]
  • Emmy: Night-night.

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  • After Kiki mistakes Zak's nose for her Squishy, Ord and Max arrive with a new Squishy. After, Zak takes his head off-screen, he is seen giving Kiki her new Squishy, although Ord is the one who actually had it, and he never was shown passing it to Zak to have him pass it down to Kiki.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Helping your parents take care of your youngest sibling is a very big responsibility and very hard work, especially when helping them get to sleep. However, you can always figure out a way to help your baby brother or sister take his or her nap on making him or her happy.
  • In real life, it isn't a good idea to drink from a bottle that isn't yours before giving it to the real owner, especially if it is a baby bottle, because it will spread germs.
  • This is the last episode in which Ord's mother talks.
  • It is revealed that Kiki's squishy was originally a fruit of a dragon nut tree, although Cassie says it's a seed.
  • Ord has a stuffed unicorn (presumably homemade) named Tiny.
  • This is the second episode where Emmy tries to talk to Max, only to see that he is asleep, and so she puts a blanket over him in the end, beaten by "The Big Sleepover". The differences are that they were in pajamas in that episode, but in their casual clothes (including shoes) in this episode, and that episode ended at night, while it ended at daytime in this episode. Also, Emmy didn't say any form of "Good night" to Max in that episode like she does here. Also, in that episode, Max was sleeping in a chair, but here, he was on the window seat above the secret drawer.