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Dragon Tales - Believe In Yourself! DVD Cover

Version 1

Dragon Tales - Believe In Yourself! DVD Cover Ver

Version 2

This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the VHS.

Believe In Yourself! is a DVD featuring 5 episodes of Dragon Tales.


  1. "Head Over Heels"
  2. "The Balancing Act"
  3. "Just For Laughs"
  4. "Lucky Stone"
  5. "On Thin Ice"

VHS Counterpart[]

Believe In Yourself! (VHS)


  • In the Spanish dub's website promo, the announcer says nothing.
  • If you select the Spanish language, the sponsors and funding are still kept in English.
  • There are no Dragon Tunes segments in this DVD, but the VHS counterpart still has the segments.