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Dragon Tales - Big Brave Adventures VHS Cover


  1. Columbia TriStar Home Video Logo
  2. Coming Soon to Home Video Bumper
  3. Thomas and the Magic Railroad Preview
  4. The Trumpet of the Swan Preview
  5. Now Available on Home Video Bumper
  6. Bear in the Big Blue House Videos Preview
  7. Dragon Tales Books Promo
  8. FBI Warning Screen
  9. Hi-Fi Stereo Logo
  10. Dragon Tales Theme Songs
  11. The Big Sleepover
  12. The Hello Song
  13. Calling Dr. Zak
  14. Touch
  15. The Forest of Darkness
  16. Dragon Tales Website Promo
  17. Dragon Tales Credits (The Big Sleepover, Calling Dr. Zak, and The Forest of Darkness)
  18. Children's Television Workshop 1997 Logo
  19. Columbia TriStar Television Logo
  20. Dragon Tales Funding Kellogg's Rice Krispies/Frosted Flakes
  21. CPB/The us Department of Education (Dragon Tales Version)
  22. PBS Kids Logo


  • The previews from this VHS are the same previews as Dragon Tales: Let's All Share!, and You Can Do It! 2000 VHS.
  • Even though CTW became Sesame Workshop on June 5th 2000, all VHS tapes of Dragon Tales continued to use the CTW semicircle logo at the end as late as March 2001 with Let’s Play Together. It wouldn't be until August 2001 when the Sesame Workshop logo is finally used on Dragon Tales tapes and DVDs. Ironically, even in late 2000 when Clifford the Big Red Dog premiered in September of that year, TV broadcasts of Dragon Tales STILL continued to use the CTW logo for at least a few more months afterwards, as evidenced from this program break from October 2000
  • This could likely mean that the VHS’s were probably either produced before CTW became Sesame Workshop, or that the TV broadcasts possibly didn't use the Sesame Workshop logo until around summer 2001 when season 2 premiered, which may explain why the CTW logo was still used on Dragon Tales, or that it took a while for it to eventually be plastered by the Sesame Workshop logo, either with the purple roof and green house, like seasons 2 and 3, and home media releases, or with the green roof and blue house, like later PBS reruns of season 1 of Dragon Tales beginning in 2001.