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Blowin' In The Wind
Season: 1
Production code: 20a
Broadcast number: 20a
Written by:
Laurie Bauman Arnold
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 22, 1999
Paired with
"No Hitter"

Blowin' In The Wind is the first segment of the twentieth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The wind blows in to Dragon Land, but the dragons teach her how to whistle.


Max and Emmy are in the playroom singing, "Here We Go 'Round The Dragonberry Bush," when they get bored and decide to go to Dragon Land. However, upon entering, an extremely strong wind is blowing across the land, disrupting a picnic Ord and Cassie were having, blowing away Emmy's hat she wore, and trapping Ord in a vortex!

It turned out that a wind spirit named Windy was practicing on blowing a whistling wind to impress her dad, who wanted her to blow the clouds to Snowy Summit, but she's having trouble whistling. Cassie offers to show her how to whistle, on Emmy's condition that Windy must stop blowing their stuff away. Windy obliges.

Cassie takes everyone to Echo Cave so Windy could listen to how she sounds. After everyone shows Windy what an echo is supposed to be, Cassie whistles briefly to demonstrate, and then Max tries to whistle for himself, but winds up blowing raspberries that weren't loud at all to echo. Max then tells Ord to try it, but winds up breathing fire, so Emmy and Cassie have to teach everyone.

Emmy begins the lesson instructing everyone to make an "O" shape on their lips. Windy completes this with no problem, but when instructed to blow into the cave to hear a whistling echo, Windy still couldn't whistle, and winds up getting a windy backfire. Emmy instructs Windy to put her tongue on the back of her bottom teeth before making the "O" lips, and then blow. Windy tries, and still can't whistle, despite hearing an echo.

Windy is about to give up and run away, until Emmy offers one more solution. She suggest repeating the same steps as before, but to try sucking in her breath before blowing. Max attempts this, and successfully whistles, but Ord only winds up blowing air into the cave that backfires. Windy makes one last attempt to whistle...and then she successfully whistles an echo!

Windy is elated that she can blow a whistling wind, but is not strong enough to blow the clouds away on her own, and after blowing a smaller cloud with ease, Windy's Dad blows the bigger clouds away to Snowy Summit. Windy thanks everyone for helping her (accepting her new nickname of "Whistling Windy" from Cassie), and goes home with her Dad. Prior to Emmy and Max leaving, Max tries to whistle again, but fails. Emmy insists that Max should keep practicing, until he humorously takes out a sports whistle to show that he knows how to whistle.

Upon returning home, Max and Emmy find that it is windy outside. Thinking it was Windy affecting the weather, Max blows his sports whistle, and they hear Windy whistle back.



Blowin' In The Wind (transcript)

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  • During the scene where the gang is at Snowy Summit, as Max complains about not being able to whistle anymore, his sneakers change design for a split-second.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Emmy was wearing a baseball cap, but later, Windy blew her hat away. It is unknown if she ever gets it back.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Zak and Wheezie do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode shares the title with a song by Bob Dylan.
  • Laurie Bauman Arnold, the writer of this episode, was the same writer for certain games by Humongous Entertainment.