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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" from season two which aired on June 8, 2001.


  • Max: Ord, can I hold it?
  • Ord: No. I have to hold it. I’m taking it home to show my mommy.
  • Max: I want to show my mommy and daddy too!
  • Ord: But it’s my art project, Max.
  • Max: We both did it!
  • Ord: But it’s my school, and I invited you to help me with my project because you’re my best friend. Besides, it’s my favorite color.
  • Max: But I did just as much work as you!
  • Ord: Good idea, I’ll go first.
  • Max: How come you get to go first?!
  • Ord: I’m bigger.
  • Max: That’s not right!
  • Ord: Yes it is!
  • Max: No it’s not!!!
  • [Max stomps his foot in anger onto Ord’s toe, making him shout and cry in pain.]
  • Max: Oops. Sorry, Ord.
  • Cassie: Are you okay, Ord?
  • Ord: Max stepped on my toe by accident and it really, really hurt! I thought Max was my best friend in the whole world but……. I guess we aren’t friends anymore.
  • [everyone gasps in shock.]
  • Max: I thought you were my best friend too, but I guess you’re not! I’m taking this home right now!!
  • [Max takes the What-do-you-call-it and runs away angrily.]
  • Ord: Give it back!!
  • [The gang chases after him. Max then hops into a nearby knuckerhole.]
  • Emmy: Ord!! Max!!
  • Ord: Wait! How are we going to split it?
  • Emmy: Why don’t you use your fire breath?
  • Ord: Oh no! My fire breath is too big. There’d be nothing left. It was Cassie’s idea. Cassie, you do it.
  • Cassie: But, what if I make a mistake?
  • Wheezie: Stand aside, this is a job for Super Wheezie!
  • Zak: Oh, no you don’t! You’ll just make a mess. This needs to be done just right. I’ll take care of it.
  • Wheezie: (humphs) Suit yourself.