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Bully For You
Season: 1
Production code: 38a
Broadcast number: 38a
Written by:
Cliff Ruby
Elana Lesser
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
April 26, 2000
Paired with
"The Great White Cloud Whale"

Bully For You is the first segment of the thirty-eighth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


A new student named Spike joins the School in the Sky and gets partnered up with Cassie when picking sugar plums. He begins to bully her which makes her feel bad, until she learns that he’s really just lonely.


Max and Emmy are playing with blocks, assembling a tower with a toy crane. They succeed in finishing it, but when the stack is about to fall, they start blowing air to stabilize it. Realizing that a slight sound might collapse the tower, they sneak around the tower and quietly recite the rhyme to go to Dragon Land, arriving inside the School in the Sky.

Quetzal is introducing a visiting student named Spike, a dragon who appeared distant to the others and never saw human children before. They all go outside to play, when Cassie notices Spike is alone playing with his yo-yo. The gang compliments his tricks, but Spike mocks Ord for his own homemade yo-yo. Wheezie asks if she could try it out, but Spike mocks them when Wheezie inadvertently wraps the string around her's and Zak's mouths. Emmy agrees with Max that Spike is really mean when Quetzal recalls everyone back to school, in which he's partnering the class with each other to go on a nature walk in the meadows to look for sugar plums. Initially, Max goes with Ord, Zak and Wheezie stay as a team, and Emmy partners with Cassie, until Quetzal notices Spike doesn't have anyone. He asks Cassie to partner with Spike while Emmy goes with Zak and Wheezie.

The gang lands where they would search when Cassie tries to give Spike a compliment on his yo-yo tricks, but Spike berates her into shrinking tearfully and running away when she calls his around-the-world a "circle trick." Ord hands everyone baskets to collect sugar plums, and he finds one ready to be picked when he spots Cassie underneath. She tells the gang what Spike said, and they inform her that just because Spike said something negative to her doesn't make it true. Encouraged, she grows back to her normal size and goes with everyone else to pick sugar plums, leaving Spike feeling left out. Quetzal notices this, as the gang continues picking sugar plums. Zak and Wheezie eat two off a vine when they couldn't agree who would get what, Ord invents a machine to grab sugar plums from long reach when he accidentally squishes them, Cassie is collecting a lot in her small basket, while Emmy has found none when she mistakes a Stinky Dink Bug for a sugar plum, getting sprayed in the process.

Spike, however, has found no sugar plums, and takes Cassie's basket just to keep up. When Cassie tells everyone else, Emmy informs her that no matter how mean Spike is to her, she has to stand up to a bully or else he'll keep picking on her. Cassie is reluctant, but proceeds when everyone else goes with her. Cassie tells Spike that he wants her basket back, but Spike refuses. When Cassie points out the ribbon that her basket had, he begrudgingly gives it back, stating he never liked sugar plums. At that moment, Quetzal gives a 5-minute warning and tells everyone to find their partners. Cassie talks to Quetzal about how mean Spike is, mentioning she doesn't want to be partners with him anymore. Quetzal sympathizes with, but tries to help Cassie understand that Spike is feeling lonely and doesn't have many friends due to his moving to the School in the Sky. Cassie realizes that just like how she shrinks when she's sad, Spike acts mean when he's lonely, and that Spike might not have meant any harm. But when she notices that Spike got upset when he broke his yo-yo after it gets caught in a tree, Cassie feels sorry for him.

Cassie asks her friends if they could help fix his yo-yo. Initially, they're surprised she would help him after what he did to her, but when Cassie explains that he was acting mean because he didn't have many friends, they fix his yo-yo just in time for Quetzal to recall his class back to school. Along the way back, Cassie shows Spike his yo-yo, explaining that Wheezie tied on a bell so he could hear it when he's playing with it. Spike thanks Cassie and apologizes to her, mentioning he wanted to be cool. Cassie remarks he's already cool with his yo-yo, and Spike says he could teach Cassie a few tricks.

Upon returning home, Max and Emmy find that their block tower is still standing. Max asks if they'll have to tiptoe around, but they laugh it off and the stack falls.



Bully For You (transcript)

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Ord yoyo

Spike has Ord's yoyo

  • When Cassie says "That was a good circle trick Spike!", Spike has Ord's yoyo.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals
    • If someone is bullying you, it's up to you to stand up to that person by telling him or her to leave you alone, or getting an adult to help you. Otherwise, he or she will continue to bully you.
    • Bullying someone else, just because he or she is younger than you will get you in lots of trouble. You should never try to bully anyone at all, since it will just make you not be friends with anyone.
    • Just because someone says something mean about you doesn’t mean it’s true.
    • Sometimes people act mean because they’re lonely and don’t have any friends. Show a little kindness to them and you might be friends with each other.
  • In this episode, when Max and Emmy go to Dragon Land, the dialogue when they say the rhyme is much quieter and softer than the usual dialogue that’s mainly used.
  • When Spike angrily said he didn't like sugarplums after he had to give Cassie her basket back, he was making a sour grapes comment.
  • This is the third and last time a yo-yo broke. The first time being in Do Not Pass Gnome, when Emmy's yo-yo broke. The second time being in Bad Share Day, when Zak and Wheezie's yo-yo broke.
  • This is the last episode to be hand-drawn where Cassie cries.