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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Bully For You" from season one, which aired on April 26, 2000.


  • Ord: Cassie?
  • Cassie: Hi Ord.
  • Emmy: What’s wrong?
  • Cassie: Spike says….. I don’t know anything!
  • Wheezie: [in disbelief] WHAT?!?! That’s so, so, so, so, so………!
  • Zak: Wrong!
  • Cassie: It is?
  • [Zak and Wheezie scoop Cassie up in their hand.]
  • Max: You know lots and lots of stuff!
  • Emmy: Definitely! Just because somebody says something mean doesn't make it true.
  • [Cassie, now feeling better, hops down to the ground and grows back to her normal size.]
  • Cassie: Look Emmy! I found a whole bunch! How about you?
  • Emmy: Nothing. Zero. Nada. Wait! I see one!
  • [Emmy picks up something, but it’s not a sugar plum. Instead it’s a stinky dink bug, which then sprays her in the face.]
  • Emmy: Yuck! A stinky bug!
  • [Cassie laughs at this.]