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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Bye Bye Baby Birdie" from season two which aired on September 3, 2001.


  • Emmy: I love going to uncle Roberto’s house.
  • Max: My favorite part was rolling in that big pile of leaves.
  • Emmy: [giggles] Looks like you brought one home, Max.
  • [At first, Max is confused, until he looks down his neck and finds a leaf in his shirt. Emmy takes said leaf out.]
  • Max: Huh? Hey! What are you doing with that?
  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with Dragons, in a land apart.
  • Max: We're not allowed to have pets in the house, Emmy. Remember?
  • Zak: You don’t have to yell!
  • Cassie: Uh……Yell, bell, swell!
  • Emmy: Huh? What are you doing?
  • Cassie: Cutie Pie wants you to stay with her.
  • Emmy: Oh, Cutie Pie, I can't live here with you. I have my own family.
  • Max: Friend, pretend, end.