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Captain Scallywag

Captain Scallywag (voiced by Scott McNeil) is a human who captains a flying galleon in Dragon Land.

Physical Appearance[]

Captain Scallywag wears a long purple coat, a purple hat with a yellow feather on top, he also wears a white tank-top with red stripes, green pants, and black boots. Captain Scallywag has a blue-ish beard and mustache and eyebrows.


Captain Scallywag is a friendly person as well as being confident, smart, adventurous, etc. He is known for telling the gang stories of when he was a boy.


When Captain Scallywag was a young boy, he's been to places such as the Dandelion Forest and the School in the Sky, he also knows Sid Sycamore and Quetzal.

Many years later, he was sailing his flying pirate ship and landed it onto Dragon Land. Emmy, Max, Ord, Cassie, Zak, and Wheezie fly onto the ship to see who is sailing it. Captain Scallywag greets them by saying "Ahoy there, mateys!" The gang is scared of him at first, believing him to be a pirate. However, he states that he is the captain of the ship. Ord asks why he has a hook on his left hand, he removes it and says that he uses it to hang his hat. Zak asks about why he has a peg-leg. When Captain Scallywag looks down, it is revealed to be his telescope. Max notices a spider tattoo, however, it was an actual spider on his chest, which he shoos away.

Captain Scallywag tells the gang that he could not find his buried treasure after years of searching. The gang offer to help him find it. He grabs a box full of pirate outfits and hands it over to them. When Cassie asks about if he has a treasure map, Captain Scallywag tells them that he doesn't have one, however, he does have a book of a few drawings he made back when he was young. He shows them the first drawing, which appear to be "itchy flowers". The gang realize that they are dandelions. As they sail across the sky, they enter The Dandelion Forest. Captain Scallywag then remembers he did not bury his treasure there, because he was too afraid to enter the forest. Captain Scallywag shows the next drawing, which is a little tree. He describes it as being very funny and one of his jokes were... "Why is a tree better than a watch-dog? Because, it's got more bark". So, they set sail to find it. They notice Sid Sycamore and land the ship next to him. Sid wakes up and tells the gang a joke. However when Sid tells them the same joke, he is surprised that they know about it already. Captain Scallywag slides off the ship (via the anchor). It is revealed that Scallywag and Sid know each-other. He tries to find his buried treasure, believing that it could be under Sid's roots. However, Sid says there is no buried treasure here. That is when Captain Scallywag remembered that he was so amused by the jokes that he laughed too hard to even dig.

Captain Scallywag sighs and is about to give up. Cassie shows him the last drawing, which is a castle. The gang hear a bell ringing in the distance and set sail for it, knowing where the castle is. Captain Scallywag lands the ship next to the School in the Sky. It is revealed that he had been there when he was a boy and would come by to play with his dragon friends. Quetzal opens the door and is happy to see him. When Emmy asks if they knew each-other, Quetzal says that Captain Scallywag had a magic dragon scale and he would come by to play with Quetzal after school ended each day. The captain now remembers that he buried his treasure underneath the school house. He, Quetzal, and the gang begin digging up the dirt. Captain Scallywag finds it at last and takes it out from the dirt. At first, the gang is excited to see what is inside, believing it to be jewels, gems, diamonds, etc. However, it is revealed to be dusty old toys. Everyone is confused at first. However, Captain Scallywag tells them he has not played with them in years and asks the gang if they want to play with him, which they do.


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  • Captain Scallywag is the only human resident in Dragon Land.
    • In fact, he is the only adult human to be shown (including his face) in the series, as Max and Emmy's parents were only heard off-screen.