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Cassie's Dad is an unseen character. He is, as the headline suggests, Cassie's father.

He first debuts as an unseen character in "The Big Sleepover" (although there is a possibility that he is the grayish brown dragon who is partially out of a photo with a younger Cassie and two of her siblings), as with Wheezie's help, Cassie calls her family on their phone, and it is her father who answers. He asks her if she is having fun. She says she sort of is, but was just checking to see if they miss her. He tells her that of course they do, but asks her to stay a little longer and have fun. She promises she will.

In the episode "Room For Change," it is unknown which of the adult dragons is him.

It is unknown who does his voice, although it is possible that he could be voiced by Ty Olsson, the voice of Ord.