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Cassie Catches Up
Season: 2
Production code: 2a
Broadcast number: 2a
Written by:
Susan Kim
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 5, 2001
Paired with
"Very Berry" (2001 Broadcast)
"Itching For A Cure" (2005 Broadcast)

Cassie Catches Up is the first segment of the second episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


There is a carnival going on in Dragon Land, but poor Cassie gets discouraged when she can’t seem to have any luck in winning a prize with Emmy. Ashamed, she gives up thinking she’s no good. But some wise advice from Quetzal, Cassie realizes that she may have some special talents of her own which just might be the key to winning.


The episode begins with Emmy and Max in the playroom making shadow puppets including a rabbit and a duck, which Emmy says looks "fowl", causing both of them to laugh. They get the call to Dragon Land and use the chant to get there. Upon arrival, Max hears joyful screaming and Emmy smells yummy food such as cotton candy and hot dogs. When Ord, Cassie, Zak, and Wheezie show up, they tell them about the Dragon Land Fair, and they all go together. At the fair, they see Quetzal by a set of pinwheels. Quetzal welcomes them and announces that the games are about to start. Emmy and Cassie become a team, Max and Ord become another, and Zak and Wheezie become one more. Emmy is the most eager to win. The first game is a relay race that Emmy finishes first for her team followed by Ord then Zak and Wheezie. While everyone finishes, just as Cassie thought she would win, Zak and Wheezie cross the finish line first with Max coming at a very close second, much to Cassie's disappointment. Emmy thinks she and Cassie just need to try harder to win the pinwheels.

In the next game, Baltus, each player throws a ball as far as that player can. Then the partner will throw as far as possible. Pinwheels went to which ever team threw the furthest distance. The colors are a yellow one for the twins, a red one for the remaining girls, and a blue one for the remaining boys. Max went first, followed by Wheezie, then Emmy who threw the furthest in round 1. Cassie went first in round 2, followed by Zak, then Ord who threw the ball the furthest. Cassie asked if she and Emmy won, but Wheezie tells her Max and Ord did. They got the pinwheels.

Cassie, now more disappointed than after the first game, walks off leaving Emmy worried. After a talk with Quetzal, Cassie returns for the final game: Bobbing for Apples. There was an apple in the tub that each team must lift without using their hands. When Max asks if they can use their teeth, Quetzal tells them, "You can use anything you want, except your hands. Max and Ord chose to go first, but to no prevail. Zak and Wheezie went next (though Zak was reluctant to get his face wet), but they too were unsuccessful. Before she and Emmy went, Cassie asked Quetzal for the rules again. Quetzal told Cassie, "You must lift the apple out of the tub. The only rule is you can't use your hands." Since using hands was out, Cassie suggests that they use their feet, prompting Emmy to remove her socks and shoes. For a few seconds, there's a close-up of Emmy and Cassie's feet. They successfully lift the apple, which the others cheer for. Cassie's badge glows before she and Emmy got their pinwheels. Back in the playroom, they decide to have their own set of contests, which included one to see who can eat more spaghetti when they get called for lunch. They leave the room to go eat and the episode ends.



Cassie Catches Up (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Ord: Okay, Max. I’ll do my best! STAND BACK…!!! [with all the strength, he can muster, he throws the ball with such force, that it actually ends up sailing far far away and out of plain sight!]
  • Max: WOW! Look at it go!!! [everyone cheers as Ord feels accomplished at his victory]
  • Cassie: What happened? Did we win?
  • Wheezie: Nope. Max and Ord did.
  • Cassie: [sighs disappointedly] I was afraid of that..…
  • Quetzal: [handing out the prize pinwheels] Congratulations, Max and Ord.
  • Ord: Thanks! [as usual, it isn’t long before he gets the tummy rumbles] Boy. All this exercise is making me hungry.
  • Emmy: [when they arrive home] Hey. What are you doing?
  • Max: I wanna start practicing. That way, I can win more even stuff next year. Do you think we can have our own fair in the meantime?
  • Emmy: Why not?
  • Max: We can have a jumping contest and a spinning-with-your-eyes-shut contest.
  • Emmy and Max's Mom: Max! Emmy! Time for lunch!
  • Emmy: How about a contest to see who can eat the most spaghetti?
  • Max: I’d win THAT.
  • Emmy: [gets a head start] Not if I get the spaghetti first!
  • Max: [laughs] Wait up! [runs off downstairs]

Home Video release[]

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  • When Cassie says, "If you want, maybe we can win one together," her fangs disappear and reappear four times.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • When Ord threw the ball, there was no clear answer on how far it went, but it was thrown far enough for him and Max to win.
  • Quetzal mentioned "The only rule" is you can't use your hands as well as you can use "anything you want" except your hands
  • Emmy and Cassie using their feet was fair because of said above. However, some versions of Bobbing for Apples require mouths only, while others allow people to use the whole head.
  • Emmy thought she made a pun when she said, "it [Max's duck shadow] looks pretty fowl to me".
  • When Max turned on the playroom light, shouldn't he or Emmy have turned off the flashlight, especially when they were leaving the playroom for their Dragon Land adventure?


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