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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Cassie Loves A Parade" from season one which aired on October 7, 1999.


  • Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with Dragons, in a land apart.
  • Wheezie: Wow! Looove that bow, Cassie! It's so bow-eautiful!
  • Cassie: I didn't get picked. [She shrinks, losing her bow.] I didn't get picked!
  • [Cosmo begins to cry.]
  • Cassie: I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?
  • Cosmo: [tearfully.] No.
  • Cassie: Then why are you crying?
  • Cosmo: Because I didn't get picked to be in the School in the Sky Parade!
  • Cassie: Oh, me neither.
  • Cosmo: Really? All my friends were picked for a special float except for me and now I feel... I feel...
  • Cassie: Terrible.
  • Cosmo: Awful.
  • Cassie: Oh, sad.
  • Both: Left out!
  • Cosmo: My name's Cosmo. What's yours?
  • Cassie: I'm Cassie. Thanks.
  • Cosmo: For what?
  • Cassie: For making me feel a little better.
  • [Cassie returns to normal size.]
  • Cosmo: Oh! You're big!
  • Cassie: Sometimes I get little when I feel really bad about something. Like not getting picked for the parade.
  • Cosmo: Oh, don't remind me!
  • Cosmo: You try it.
  • Cassie: Oh I couldn't.
  • Cosmo: Sure you could.
  • [Cassie reaches into her pouch for a blue towel and blows her nose.]
  • [Cassie and Cosmo laugh and it cuts to Emmy riding on Zak and Wheezie alongside Max riding on Ord, as they are searching for Cassie.]
  • Emmy: I can't believe we haven't found Cassie yet!
  • [They hear Cassie blowing her nose.]
  • Zak: Wait a minute, I hear her.
  • Wheezie: You do? I don't.
  • [Zak wipes Wheezie's ear with an orange towel.]
  • Zak: How about now?
  • Max: Now we're a float that floats!