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These are all of the episodes that William Weyser has a recorded Dragon Tales VHS Tape, and it's the same 1 that he used for ''Coming Up Next On Dragon Tales Bumper Month''. Some of the episodes on this recorded VHS Tape were never released on VHS or DVD, and some were released on Videos, like ''Let's Stick To It'', ''Let's Play Together'', ''Let's All Share'' & ''Let's Help Each Other'' & DVDs, like ''Yes, We Can!'', ''Adventures In Dragon Land'' & ''Experience New Things''.

  1. Up, Up, And Away
  2. Wild Time
  3. Small Time
  4. Roller Coaster Dragon
  5. Bad Share Day
  6. Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On
  7. Room For Change (William Weyser's Favorite Season 2 Episode)
  8. The Sorrow And The Party
  9. Ord Sees The Light (William Weyser's Favorite Dragon Tales Episode & Favorite Season 1 Episode)
  10. The Ugly Dragling
  11. Out With The Garbage
  12. Lights, Camera, Dragons

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