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Chantal Strand (born October 15, 1987) is a Canadian voice actress for Cassie, actress, singer, and writer. She is best known for her roles as Holly in "The Charlie Horse Music Pizza", Sarah's Sister in "Life-Size", Molly O! in "Generation O!", and Tammy in "Air Bud: World Pup".


  • Cassie
    (NOTE: This is her major role in the show; the rest are minor)
  • Mama Rhyme Bird ("Eggs Over Easy" only)
  • Blue dragon spectator with red badge ("Four Little Pigs")
  • Jugglebug ("Quibbling Siblings" only)
  • Cassie's three younger siblings (Zuzu, Jamie, and Val) in the "Learn & Fly with Dragons" video game.

Selected Filmography[]

Air Bud: World Pup - Tammy

Dinosaur Train - Valarie Velocoraptor

Generation O! - Molly O!

Life Size - Sarah’s Sister

My Fair Madeline - Madeline

Rainbow Fish (TV Series) - Sea Filly

The Charlie Horse Music Pizza - Holly

ToddWorld - Sophie

Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale - Tuffy

Tom and Jerry Tales - Tuffy (AKA Nibbles)


  • Strand is the only actual child actor (male or female) to voice a dragon throughout recording the show (as she was 11 when the show started) and the only voice of any major dragon to have not reached adulthood by the end of the show's run (she was around 16 when she was recording for the final season, and 17 when the last episode of all aired). The only other child actors voiced Emmy and Max (though the latter's voice actor, Danny McKinnon, also voiced Buster in another episode, and Spike in two others).
  • Strand has an identical twin sister named Michelle, but which one is older (and by how long) is unknown.