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The Clarinet Snake is a fictional animal. It is called that because it makes the music of a clarinet.

Physical Appearance[]

It is a yellow-orange snake with long eyelashes and purple polka dots.


In the episode, "Don't Bug Me!" it scares Max by being in his sight and close to him, as Max is ophidiophobic (meaning he is afraid of snakes), but Wheezie points out that it is musical, and it teams up with her in making music. After this is done, it claps her hand with its tail.


Season 1[]


  • Like real-life snakes, the Clarinet snake cannot talk. Unlike them, however, it can hear easily, as it nods when Wheezie asks if it's just a cute clarinet snake, and because it follows along with her pipe music. In real life, snakes do not have outer ears and therefore can only hear by feeling vibrations in the ground.