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The Cloud Factory is a place where the weather is made in Dragon Land. It consists of three conveyor belts for making precipitation: one for rain (like a watering can), one for snow (like a shaker), and one for hail (like a chute). It is run by Polly Nimbus.



In "Under The Weather," it is both snowing, raining, and hailing all at the same time in the same place. It was shown that this was because Polly Nimbus had a bad cold, and the things that would have kept her warm were clogging up the machines, causing the cloud stacks to sound sick. Zak and Wheezie yanked her scarf from the gears for the rain machine, Max took her slippers from those for the snow machine with tongs, and Cassie grabbed her mittens from the lever for the hail machine.

In "A Snowman For All Seasons," it was shown that Snowy Summit was melting, putting Chilly and Nippy's lives at stake. The repair dragon was taking too long to get there, so the gang had to go. It turned out there was something wrong with the snow shaker, not because it was out of snow powder, but because there was ice inside the lid, blocking the passage for the snow. Breaking the ice with a hammer is a bad idea because Polly doesn't want her equipment misused. For this, instead, Ord uses his firebreath to melt the ice.

In "Express Yourself," Polly had to leave the cloud factory in a substitute's care: that of the gang (this time including Enrique). She had to bring cloud custard to her sick Uncle Stratus. She, of course, promised they'd have plenty of time to make it to the Doodle Fairies' painting display. Unfortunately, a rain cloud was heading there, so Max and Ord stayed to watch for anything wrong, while everyone else had to go after the rain cloud to stop it.