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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Crash Landings" from season one, which aired on January 24, 2000.


  • Max: Emmy! Emmy!
  • [Max walks into the playroom and catches a few toys that are being thrown all over]
  • Max: Whoa! It's raining animals!
  • [Emmy is searching through the toy chest, tossing everything out of it.]
  • Emmy: Now where did I......? Got it!
  • [Emmy pulls out a whistle and blows it before putting it around her neck.]
  • Max: Whatcha doing?
  • Emmy: Getting my coaching stuff. I'm helping the dragons get ready for the big race today. Remember?
  • Max: Oh yeah! Yeah! I wanna help too!
  • Emmy: You can be my helper.
  • Max: Okay! What do I get to do?
  • Emmy: Whatever I tell you. Come on.
  • [Emmy puts a bucket into Max's hands and runs over to get the scale. But Max, who has his hands full, lags behind and drops a few things on the floor.]
  • Max: Um.....
  • Zak: Booboo alert! Booboo alert! My arm! My tail! My teeth! They're all broken! Oh, and I just know I'm bleeding!
  • Wheezie: Oh, don't worry, Zaky, you're okay.
  • Max: You're not broken.
  • [Cassie takes a bandage out of her pouch.]
  • Cassie: Where's your booboo?
  • Zak: Everywhere…but mostly here.
  • [Cassie puts a bandage on Zak's arm.]
  • Cassie: Better?
  • Zak: Much. In fact, I feel great, 'cause I just decided I'm never racing again.
  • Others: What?!
  • Zak: It's too dangerous!
  • Emmy & Max's Mom: Emmy! Max! Dinnertime!
  • Max: Race ya!
  • [Both Max and Emmy race downstairs, giggling.]