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Crystal is a one-time character in "The Shape of Things To Come". She is a magic door to Crystal Cave, and she speaks with a German accent (E.G. She says "Ja" to say "yes" and "und" to mean "and."). Although a door, knocking on her hurts her.


In the episode "The Shape of Things To Come", Crystal only allows others to enter Crystal Cave (regardless of circumstances) in exchange for doing her a favor: not only knowing the names of certain shapes, but bringing her objects whose outline matches the shapes of a triangle, a square, and a circle. She then wishes the gang (in three pairs) good luck, "Ja?" To which the gang respond, "Ja."

Crystal is willing to accept a (musical) triangle from Zak and Wheezie and a (square) mirror from Cassie (actually, it belongs to her little brother Finn), which are respectively removed afterward, but she doesn't take the eggplant sign from Max and Ord because it is not a circle. It is, as Cassie ends up finishing, an oval, which is because two of the curves are longer than the other pair, just like the sides of a rectangle. All that is settled for is Zak's sticky marshmallow-goo-covered dragon disk (and she loves the taste of the goo), so she finally opens up for the gang to wash it off.


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