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Cyrus also known as Cyrus the Serpent (voiced by Ian James Corlett) is the main antagonist of "Eggs Over Easy" and "The Serpent's Trail." He is a slinky serpent who loves to eat eggs. He is also sneaky and often steals things that don't belong to him to find eggs which often backfires as he is always scolded by the gang for doing so.

Physical Appearance[]

Cyrus is a green slinky serpent who has a blue or purplish tongue, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and a red bow-tie.


Cyrus is well-known for being dishonest, such as when he sees the gang with a blue-green rhyme bird egg. When he thanks them for finding his "lovely little green egg", he thought he "would never see his precious egg again." After he leaves, it is revealed that Cyrus is actually planning to eat the egg, which means that he actually lied to Emmy, Max, Ord, Cassie, Zak, and Wheezie.

Cyrus is also somewhat clueless or unaware of what is happening, such as when he steals Emmy's detective kit and runs off with it, in-addition to leaving behind footprints (via mud) without him even knowing. Another is when his neck gets stuck onto a tree-branch. He did manage to get loose, however, his bow tie comes off (threads) and the sparkly crystal falls on the ground.


Cyrus first appears in the episode, "Eggs Over Easy", where he emerges from a bush and introduces himself to the gang. He thanks them for finding "his lovely little green egg." Emmy hands it over to him, to which Cyrus takes the egg and runs off. Cassie feels guilty and sad, because she didn't speak up when she realized that Cyrus actually tricked them into giving him the egg.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is shown in his home down at Mucky Mud Swamp, where he places the rhyme bird egg onto a plate. Then, he grabs a handkerchief and wraps it around his neck. Before he can eat the egg, Cyrus decides that he must find one more egg to fill him up until breakfast, believing that one egg is not enough for him.

A while later, after Cassie and the gang use the baseball decorated with blue-green paint and glittery sparkles, just to trick Cyrus and make it look just like the rhyme bird egg, they hide. Cyrus notices it sitting on a rock and steals it, thinking it's another egg. Back at his home, Cyrus gets ready to eat both eggs (one being the baseball, even though he doesn't know). After hearing Cyrus shout "Let's eat!", Ord rips the log open, causing Cyrus to turn around and ask what they were doing in his home.

Cassie states that they were there to get back the egg he stole. Cyrus, however, tells her the eggs belong to him. Cassie says that they don't, and that she and her friends and are going to take them back to their mother. Cyrus gives up, however, he says that the larger egg is his (which is actually the baseball). Cassie agrees with that and takes the real egg away. When Cyrus puts the baseball in his mouth, it gets stuck in his mouth.

Cyrus appears again in the episode "The Serpent's Trail." This time, he is shown to be wearing a red bow-tie with a sparkly blue gem. He notices Emmy's detective kit and steals it when the gang doesn't notice. Little did he know, he ran in mud and left behind footprints, making it easier for the gang to track him down. Meanwhile, Cyrus gets caught onto a tree-branch. He does escape, but doesn't notice his bow-tie unraveling and keeps running.

Then, it is revealed that Cyrus stole Emmy's detective kit to help him find light green dragon-gull eggs, using Emmy's magnifying glass (since he did say that he was going on a treasure hunt). After he finds them, Cyrus takes some eggs out of the holes. Then, he gets caught by the gang. Emmy tells him to give her detective kit back, to which he does. Before he can take the eggs, Cassie tells him that they do not belong to him either. Cyrus tries to make an excuse to eat the eggs, but gets scolded by the gang. He puts the eggs down, but he then asks, "Can I just have one itty-bitty egg?", only for the gang to say "No!" Cyrus then leaves, feeling angry and muttering to himself under his breath.

Cyrus returns in the play of Dragon Tales Live, where he was defeated once again.


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  • In the episode, Eggs Over Easy, Cyrus is shown wearing a normal red bow-tie. In The Serpent's Trail, he is wearing a red bow-tie with a blue sparkly gem.
  • He is mentioned in the episode, Finn's Blankie when Wheezie impersonates him to cheer Finn up after he got upset about losing his blanket.
  • Cyrus lives at Mucky Mud Swamp.
  • In "Eggs Over Easy," he was able to fool the gang into giving him the rhyme bird egg, which they surprisingly fell for until Cassie says that the egg does not belong to Cyrus.
  • In "Eggs Over Easy," Cyrus was searching for rhyme bird eggs while in "The Serpent's Trail," he was searching for dragon-gull eggs. This could mean that he will eat any egg, no matter what is inside.
  • He used Emmy's magnifying glass to find the dragon-gull eggs.
  • Cyrus left behind footprints (via mud) and lost his bow-tie without him noticing, which made it easier for the gang to find him.
  • Cyrus appears twice in the series.