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Don't Bug Me!
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Season: 1
Production code: 40a
Broadcast number: 40a
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
April 28, 2000
Paired with
"Over And Over"

Don't Bug Me! is the first segment of the fortieth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The gang searches for a rare butterfly called a Flutterby for Quetzal. Things go well, until Max scares Ord with his rubber spider. He soon learns that everyone has fears, no matter how big or small.


Emmy enters the playroom looking for Max when she screams at the sight of Max's rubber spider. Max thinks he's scared her straight, but Emmy wasn't really scared, stating that Max's rubber insects couldn't scare anyone when the Dragon Scale starts to glow.

They arrive at an open garden where Quetzal is keeping several types of butterflies. Ord is fascinated with them, thinking that butterflies aren't bugs until Zak and Wheezie silence him. Quetzal remarks that there is one type of butterfly he was never able to locate; a Flutterby, an orange butterfly with big yellow wings. Quetzal says that his collection would be complete if he had one, but he could never find it.

The gang decides to go out and find a Flutterby on their own. But Ord is not too excited, knowing that he's dealing with bugs and thinking a Flutterby hangs around other bugs. The gang all have their own doubts about it, but Ord decides to go along with it. Along the way, he is squeamish and grossed out by a firefly and a glowworm. Max thinks he spotted a Flutterby, but it turns out to be a Stinky Dink Bug that subsequently sprays him.

Just then, Zak spots the Flutterby. He tells everyone to be quiet, but Wheezie scares it away. The gang gives chase until Wheezie accidentally hits Zak with the bug net. Ord sees the Flutterby again, and tells everyone to go get it, but he doesn't. Max eventually catches it in a jar, but it gets away when he opens it to show everyone. The gang bonk into everyone's faces and the Flutterby escapes. Worn out, they stop their pursuit, much to Ord's relief. However, Max brought his rubber spider to Dragon Land and puts it on Ord's leg. When he tells Ord there's a bug on him, he panics. But when Max tells him it's just a rubber spider, Ord tearfully walks away.

Max didn't understand Ord's reaction, stating he was just joking around, and that Ord shouldn't be afraid because he's bigger than him and he's not afraid of bugs, but everyone tells him that he hurt Ord's feelings, as he thought it was a real insect. Cassie remarks that everyone is scared of something, and a person's size doesn't make a difference to that. When Emmy has to remind Max about his fear of snakes, Max feels sorry and goes to find Ord.

Max finds Ord quivering in fear in a cave. He apologizes, but Ord's still upset. Ord says that he's not afraid of fake insects, stating that real bugs are gross and icky, and he's afraid of getting a painful bite if he's near one. Max explains that he's not afraid, but doesn't understand Ord's fear. Nonetheless, he apologizes for scaring him, and Ord and Max are about to go back to find the Flutterby...when Max is confronted by a Clarinet Snake that blocks their paths out!

The snake starts coming closer and closer to Max and Ord no matter how much the latter shoos it away, and Max calls for help! But when the gang arrives, Wheezie remarks that Clarinet snakes aren't something to worry about, and they're soothed by the sounds of music. Wheezie starts to play harmoniously and the snake follows her out of the cave, as the trio perform softly. The snake then claps her hand with its tail.

Afterwards, Max and Ord agree to watch their backs for any bugs and snakes that would scare them respectively. The gang sees the Flutterby again and give chase, but can't find it. Eventually, they stop again, but Ord feels something on his tail. Max checks to see if it's a bug or a snake, but it turns out to be the Flutterby landing on his tail! Ord turns around and the Flutterby lands on his nose. They all want to catch it, but Ord decides to take it back to Quetzal himself. Quetzal is pleased that the gang found the Flutterby, completing his collection, as the Flutterby flies in shape formation with the other butterflies.

Max and Emmy return home, satisfied that Quetzal was happy, but Max felt disappointed that Ord was scared of his rubber spider. Max throws it away, noting it would never scare anyone again...until he puts the wastebasket outside, and his and Emmy's mom screams upon seeing it, thinking the spider is real!



Don't Bug Me! (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Max: Where's he going?
  • Cassie: I think you hurt his feelings, Max.
  • Max: But it was just a joke.
  • Wheezie: Ord thought it was a real spider.
  • Zak: And you know how scared of bugs he is.
  • Max: But he's so much bigger than me, and I'm not a-scared of bugs.
  • Cassie: It doesn't matter how big you are, Max. Everybody's scared of something.
  • Max: Not me!
  • Emmy: Oh? How about snakes?
  • Max: Uh, that's different. Snakes are scary,
  • Ord: "Shoo! Shoo! Go away, snake!"
  • Mom: [screams!] "Who put this scary bug in the wastebasket?!"

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  • Max said he had the Flutterby in his bottle. However, what he’s actually holding is a jar. So it might either be a script error or Max's own.
  • When Max asks Ord why he’s afraid of bugs, to which the latter responds, "I don’t know, I just am," despite the fact that he technically did explain a few seconds before saying that he’s afraid that they will bite him.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: Everybody has something they're afraid of, no matter how big, small, young or old they may be. Just because someone is afraid of something you aren't scared of doesn't give you the right to look down on their fears and/or treat them lightly.
  • Irony: Despite being smaller than Ord, Max claims that he’s not afraid of anything...only to find out that he has a tremendous fear of snakes.
  • Ord broke the fourth wall by saying "not bugs" to viewers.
  • Ord claims that butterflies are not bugs, when in actuality, they technically are.
  • "Que pena" means "What a pity" in Spanish, and that's what Quetzal says when he can't find a Flutterby.
  • During the episode, Max says a-scared (a mixture of the words scared and afraid) at least twice, which in actuality is not a real word.
  • In real life, snakes have no outer ears and therefore can't hear anyone talking. Instead, they hear by feeling vibrations in the ground. This would make it impossible for the Clarinet Snake Wheezie played to in the episode to be soothed by music.