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This article is about the 2002 DVD. You may be looking for the Reader's Digest VHS.

Don't Give Up 2002 DVD

Don't Give Up! is a DVD featuring 5 episodes of Dragon Tales. It was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment on January 2, 2002 and is 69 minutes long.


  1. "Pigment of Your Imagination"
  2. "Backwards To Forwards"
  3. "Sand Castle Hassle"
  4. "Tails You Lose"
  5. "Bully For You"

Dragon Tunes[]


Dragon Tales adventures feature dragons as playmates helping children learn important lessons in life that will develop their character and allow them to build healthy relationships.  

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  • 5 Exciting Episodes
  • 4 Dragon Tales Sing-Alongs
  • Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
  • Full Screen Presentation
  • Audio: English 2-Channel (Dolby Surround), Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
  • Approx. 69 mins./Color


  • This DVD contains all 3 episodes from the VHS Let’s Work Together! One from Look On The Bright Side and one from There’s Nothing to Fear.
  • Stretch and Pretend are both on Let’s Work Together. And Touch is on There’s Nothing to Fear. But none of the songs featured in Look on the Bright Side are in this DVD. However, The Silly Song is in this DVD but it isn’t in any of the 3 latter VHS tapes. This might prove that The Silly Song was intended to be a song on one of the 3 VHS’s but decided not to put into any of the 3 VHS.