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A Dragon Badge is a charm necklace that hangs around the neck of every dragon in Dragon Land. They glow when a dragon does something really big like overcoming an emotional obstacle or learning an important lesson.


  • Ord - A stylized sun.
  • Cassie - A light blue orb.
  • Zak and Wheezie - Golden musical notes (single eighth note for Zak, two eighth notes joined together for Wheezie)
  • Quetzal - A dark green orb held by a claw.
  • Spike - A sun similar to Ord's, but with a bigger burst.
  • Lorca - A yellow four-pointed star.
  • Fernando - Just like Quetzal's, but dark red instead.

Season 1[]

The Forest of Darkness[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Braving through The Forest of Darkness even though he's afraid of the dark.

To Kingdom Come[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Learning to share.

The Giant of Nod[]

Dragon: Zak and Wheezie

Reason: Learning to work together instead of fighting against each other.

The Big Sleepover[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Trying a half sleepover.

The Talent Pool[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Discovering that her true talent is helping others.

Dragon Sails[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Learning that being big can be helpful.

Eggs Over Easy[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Learning to speak up when needed.

A Liking to Biking[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Learning and trying to ride a bike,

Dragon Drop[]

Dragon: Zak and Wheezie

Reason: Learning how to catch.

Stormy Weather[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Learning to be brave during a thunderstorm.

Sounds Like Trouble[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Conquering his fear of loud cave noises.

Crash Landings[]

Dragon: Zak

Reason: Conquering his fear of flying fast and getting hurt.

Ord Sees The Light[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Braving through and out of the Forest of Darkness.

To Do Or Not to Do[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Deciding to do what she thought was right.

Season 2[]

Lucky Stone[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Realizing that he doesn't need his lucky stone to fly well.

Cassie Catches Up[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Being confident in what she does to win a game.

Have No Fear[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Being brave enough to help get Cassie's pet Butterfrog which he was afraid of.

A Crown for Princess Kidoodle[]

Dragon: Zak, Wheezie, Ord, and Cassie (different times)

Reason: Working together (Zak and Wheezie), braving up a hill despite what sounds like a thunderstorm (Ord), and telling her friends something important (Cassie).

Knuck, Knuck, Who’s There?[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Coming up with ways for her and Emmy to find their way out of the knuckerhole tunnels.

I Believe in Me[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Never giving up to do a school play tryout.

Team Work[]

Dragon: Zak and Wheezie

Reason: Cooperating with each other and working together.

So Long Solo[]

Dragon: Zak and Wheezie

Reason: Working together and helping each other for a talent show.

Hands Together[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Working hard to do a dance.

The Grudge Won't Budge[]

Dragon: Zak

Reason: Forgiving Wheezie for breaking his snoot flute and letting go of his grudge.

Let's Dance[]

Dragon: Wheezie

Reason: Learning how to wait.

Season 3[]

Sky Soccer[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Never giving up and trying hard to play sky soccer.

El Dia del Maestro[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Learning to take charge when needed.

Express Yourself[]

Dragon: Cassie

Reason: Telling Enrique how she felt about being called a certain name.

Play It and Say It[]

Dragon: Ord

Reason: Learning and remembering how to count from 1-8 in Spanish.

Sad Little Star[]

Dragon: Zak, Wheezie, Ord, and Cassie (This time all together.)

Reason: Never giving up to make a rainbow for Celeste.


  • Although Zak and Wheezie's Dragon Badges are mostly seen glowing together, Zak's Badge has glowed twice on its own, while Wheezie's Badge has glowed only once on its own.
  • Each Dragon's Dragon Badge glows mostly from specific things.
    • Ord: Facing his fears
    • Cassie: Feeling confident
    • Zak and Wheezie: Working together and getting along
  • "A Crown for Princess Kidoodle" and "Sad Little Star" are the only episodes where all the Dragons' Dragon Badges glowed, but the latter is the only time they all glowed at the same time.
  • Normally the badges glow for a short while once a dragon overcomes a difficulty, but in "Team Work", it's revealed badges can stay lit for much longer as long as the wearer maintain whatever difficulty they're in. If the wearer gives in to the difficulty, the badge glow fades out, but can glow again if they are strong again.
  • Some dragons don't wear Dragon Badges, such as Arlo.
    • Kiki and Finn don't wear Dragon Badges either, as they are too young.