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Dragon Badges is an online Dragon Tales game that was featured on the PBS Kids website during Dragon Tales' airtime.


This game allows players to make their own Dragon Badges. The badge's appearance can be customized by choosing its shape and color, and by decorating it with various objects and designs. Then the player must choose what makes the badge glow by picking one of the challenges. The player can also choose "write one in", which leaves it blank to be filled in when printed out.

Original description[]

Each dragon in Dragon Land wears a unique badge. When a dragon overcomes a personal challenge, his or her dragon badge glows. The "Make-Your-Own Dragon Badge" activity can be used to help identify and set challenges that your child wants or needs to face in his own life.

Let your child choose a badge shape he likes and decorate it with objects that express his personality. Then ask your child, "What makes your dragon badge glow?" Together, choose one of the listed challenges or help your child write his own. When the badge is complete, print it out.

You and your child can use this fun activity to create as many badges and set as many challenges as you want.