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Dragon Tunes is a song and recurring segment on Dragon Tales. It is sung to the tune of the theme song. In Season 3 the intro and outro was reanimated although they still use songs from Season 2. The songs are not featured in most streaming releases due to rights issues with Sony.


Opening lyrics (After an episode and before a song)[]

(High octave) Come on now, get on your feet,

(Low octave) We're gonna sing some songs and shake to the beat.

(High octave) Here we go, we're ready to start.

Dragon tunes, dragon tunes.

(Low octave) Let's all sing some Dragon Tales tunes.

Closing lyrics (After a song and before an episode)[]

(Low octave) Now we're done, that was so much fun,

Singing and dancing with everyone.

(High octave) So let's go back with all our friends,

(Low octave) Where the adventures never end.

(High octave) To Dragon Land, Dragon Land.


  • On the Hindi Dub, As well as some VHS’s and DVDs, The Dragon Tunes Opening Sequence does not play before the Dragon Tune itself. Instead after the episode, it cuts straight to the song before the next episode without the closing sequence.
  • This segment is absent on Discovery Kids airings of the Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese dub. But the segments for the Brazilian Portuguese dub is kept on Canal Futura airings.
  • All of the Songs are left Instrumental in the Arabic dub. This is likely because they couldn’t find any singers to translate the songs in the dub.