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Dragonberries are a fruit in Dragon Land. In fact, they are the most popular, and they grow on bushes.

There are the following products:

  1. Dragonberry cookies (In "Do Not Pass Gnome," Simon offers a giant one of these to his players for moving three squares from the beginning [by the correct order], and Ord falls for it, only to send them all back two squares because Simon didn't say "Simon says.")
  2. Dragonberry carrot cake (In "The Big Cake Mix-Up," dragonberries are a primary ingredient in this cake; however, Ord eats all that are required, forcing the gang to resort to substituting [unpopped] popcorn)
  3. Dragonberry muffins (In "Dragon Scouts," an elderly she-dragon offers these as a reward to the titular group [including their guest, Emmy] and to Ord.)
  4. Dragonberry cupcakes (In "To Kingdom Come," Ord is reluctant to share this with Monsieur Marmadune because his mother made it just for him.)
  5. Dragonberry pie (In "Dragonberry Drought," Mungus bakes a giant pie with some of the dragonberries he had taken from almost every bush, but he does make sure to call the Do-Re-Mi birds to take any he left in a bowl.