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Dragonberry Surprise is an online Dragon Tales game that was featured on the PBS Kids website during Dragon Tales' airtime.


The player can help Zak and Wheezie make different dragonberry recipes in their kitchen. A paper shows four pictures of ingredients needed for a recipe. The player can click around the screen to find the ingredients. When all of the correct ingredients have been found, the recipe will be completed and then eaten by Zak and Wheezie.

Original description[]

Join Zak and Wheezie in the kitchen and help them cook-up different dragonberry surprises. Children are asked to look at the ingredients on a recipe, find them in the kitchen, and add them to Zak and Wheezie's mixing bowl.

Your child will have a great time searching through the kitchen and matching the objects. At the same time, he will be learning how to follow instructions--one of Dragon Tales' cognitive challenges.

When your child is done playing online, you can have some fun together in your own kitchen. Just print out the illustrated recipe and bake your own dragonberry cake.