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Emmy's Dream House
Season: 1
Production code: 9a
Broadcast number: 9a
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 23, 1999
Paired with
"Dragon Sails"

Emmy's Dream House is the first segment of the ninth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


A Purple Goo Cloud is going to rain all over Dragon Land and it smells really stinky, so everyone builds a tree house to shelter. However, Emmy wants everything to be her own way until she learns how to share with her friends and give them what they want.


Max and Emmy look through Max's telescope to see that their neighbors are building a treehouse. Emmy decides that their parents could help them build one this weekend, but Max wants one right away, so the children head to Dragon Land.

Meanwhile, Ord and Cassie are having a picnic. When the children arrive, Ord excitedly rushes to Max for a hug, only to slip and fall with his head hitting a dragonberry pie face-down. Cassie invites Emmy and Max to join their picnic, but Emmy explains she and Max came on over to build a treehouse. At that moment, Zak & Wheezie emerge from the knuckerhole, donning a raincoat and rainhats to warn them of a purple goo cloud coming soon. Max thinks it's cool, but Cassie warns him it's not; the substance produced by purple goo clouds is warm and sticky, and Ord adds that its hard to clean off and smells awful. Emmy suggests her original idea of building a treehouse as a way to still have their picnic without getting "rained" on with purple goo, but also to create a clubhouse for meetings.

With building supplies and materials in hand, Max finds a short tree, and Ord suggests building on a cookie tree he saw so he could eat cookies, but Emmy just picks a random tree she thinks is best, and stands firm by her decision. Although initially agreeing, the gang protest respectively because the treehouse is meant to be for everyone, and it wouldn't be fun if she's always bossing everyone around. Little does everyone know that the tree is animated, and he turns out to be Sid Sycamore. The gang is shocked that the tree talks, and Sid tells Emmy to ask before building in someone else's branches. Misunderstanding, she asks for his permission, and Sid grants it, but mentions that he meant to tell Emmy to ask her friends for their permission. Emmy confessed being too excited about her own ideas, she didn't even think to ask what any of the others wanted, and she promises to let their ways go. Ord, Max, and Cassie declare their desires for the treehouse: a toy drawer, a spot for Max's telescope, and a bookshelf, respectively.

As the purple goo cloud arrives, the gang continues building, with Emmy painting some of the walls red. Zak and Wheezie reveal they've made a staircase in a black and white pattern, where Wheezie explains that the steps come with a musical password. However, not learning from her mistakes, Emmy splashes red paint onto the steps (with some getting on Wheezie's toes and claws) thinking that the color red would look better, much to their dismay. Inside, Cassie has set up a bookshelf, ultimately including a book on flying (which has wings and flies on its own into place). Emmy compliments Cassie's bookshelf upon her asking how she likes it, but decides it would look even nicer with a pot of flowers she has. Cassie protests, explaining the pot is too tall, so Emmy removes all the books, moves the shelf down to the bottom, puts the books on their covers in random stacks, and puts her flowers on top of a book stack. Disenchanted, Cassie shrinks, cries and runs off. Emmy tries to apologize to her, but then realizes that once again, she forgot to ask permission to make these changes.

Max calls to her to look through his telescope in the window, and then Ord to check out his toy drawer. Unfortunately, Emmy has other plans: to set up a play rug, which means no room for the boys' respective stuff, as it knocks over Max's telescope, and it partly overlaps Ord's drawer. Ord reluctantly allows her to move his drawer and Max’s telescope. While Emmy is pleased with the layout, Max and Ord get mad at her for leaving no room for their belongings. Cassie also gets mad at her for adjusting her bookshelf to her desire and Wheezie mentions she and Zak didn't appreciate how she painted their steps or got their toenails painted. The gang angrily deserts Emmy in the treehouse to build their own, with Zak and Wheezie stranding her in by removing the stairs.

Angry with the others for this, Emmy decides she'll just build a ladder herself, but to no avail. Sid tries to cheer her up with a tree joke, but it doesn't work, so Sid questions any possible friend troubles. Emmy explains that she only wanted to make the treehouse better. Sid asks what is left for her friends to do if she chooses every appearance on the treehouse, including locations for objects inside. At first, she tries to come up with an answer, but decides they could not do much. She resolves to make up for it, but suddenly, the purple goo clouds start closing in.

Emmy catches up to the gang and apologizes, explaining that she gets really excited about her own ideas, but doesn't find it fun working alone. The gang forgives her and goes back to help, with her promising to let their way go too, starting with where to put Max's telescope.

Emmy builds a flat roof, Cassie tests Zak and Wheezie's steps for stability, and the latter two finish painting the wall from where Emmy left off (with both red and yellow paint), the rest of the boys keep trying to roll out Emmy's play rug, but it keeps rolling back behind them. The purple goo cloud comes in. Emmy calls Ord to help put the roof on, but Cassie doesn't agree with this additive. At first, Emmy tries insisting to trust her, but remembering her promise, asks why not. Unfortunately, there is no time to talk about it, so Ord has to put it on.

When the gang gets inside, some of the purple goo is seeping into the Treehouse through the gaps in the roof, as it doesn't run off like ordinary rain. It stuck to the roof, and if it piles up too high, it will break the roof, which was what Cassie was trying to tell them. Zak, in a panic, tells the others to abandon the treehouse. However, Cassie has another idea: to use the giant, curved umbrella she and Ord used for their picnic. She tells Ord to get ready to toss the roof off when she says so, and the rest of them will put the umbrella up. Just as Ord takes the roof off, the rest open the umbrella, and it keeps the goo out. The gang now have their picnic inside the treehouse, and Emmy declares it to be better than she dreamed. After Max humored Sid with a tree joke, the children then leave for home.

Max looks forward to his and Emmy's treehouse. Emmy says she knows how she wants it, much to Max's dismay... until she says she wants it both their ways.



Emmy's Dream House (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: Oh, Max. It's just what I've always wanted. A treehouse.
  • Max: Me too! Let's build one!
  • Emmy: Mom and dad can help us do it this weekend!
  • Max: This weekend? I can't wait that long! I know where we can do it now!
  • Ord: Max! Give your big buddy a hug! [He trips on the blanket and his face falls into a dragonberry pie.]
  • Max: That's okay. I love dragonberry hugs. [He hugs his messy face anyway and laughs.]
  • Cassie: Sit down, Emmy. Join our picnic.
  • Emmy: Thanks, Cassie, but we've come to build a treehouse!
  • Wheezie: Uh! It's coming this way!
  • Zak: Hurry! Get in your caves!
  • Emmy: What's coming?
  • Zak: Didn't you hear? There's an icky, sticky...
  • Wheezie: ... purple goo cloud coming!
  • Max: Cool!
  • Cassie: It's not cool. It's warm and sticky.
  • Ord: And it rains purple goo out of the sky and gets all over everything, and it's harder to get off than bubble gum! And it smells real bad! P.U.!
  • Sid Sycamore: Hey, what am I? Chopped lumber? [He laughs.] Don't I have a say in this?
  • Max: A talking tree?
  • Sid Sycamore: I suppose you thought trees could only... bark?
  • Sid Sycamore: Hey! Quit ticklin' my funny branch!
  • Emmy: That's better.
  • Max: No it isn't! You didn't leave room for my telescope!
  • Ord: And I can't play with my toy drawer in the corner 'cause there's not enough room!
  • Cassie: And you made my bookshelf the way you wanted it!
  • Wheezie: And Zakie and I didn't like how you repainted our steps!
  • Zak: Or our toenails!
  • Wheezie: Actually, I thought the toenails were kinda pretty.
  • Max: You're not being very nice, Emmy!
  • Wheezie: Come on, everybody! Let's go back and make our own treehouse!
  • Zak: The way we want it!
  • Emmy: I was just trying to make the tree house better, that's all! (The gang leaves, including Zak and Wheezie taking their own steps and leaving her stranded) Have it your way! I'll just build my own treehouse! [So she tries to build a ladder, but it breaks.] Oh, this is no fun.
  • Sid Sycamore: Hey, maybe a tree joke will cheer you up! Why did the tree cross the road? Give up? He had to "leaf!" Get it? Tree? Leaf? Ha ha! [He laughs, and leaves fall out.]
  • Sid Sycamore: Now you're barkin' up the right tree!
  • Zak: It's gonna cave in on us! We're gonna be dragon pancakes! Abandon treehouse! Two-headed dragons first!
  • Emmy: It's better than I dreamed!
  • Zak: Yeah! It keeps the goo out!
  • Wheezie: And the warmth in.
  • Sid Sycamore: Hey! What am I?
  • Max: Chopped lumber!
  • Sid Sycamore: Hey! You're gettin' good, kid!
  • Max: Hey! That was fun! I can't wait to build our own treehouse, Emmy!
  • Emmy: Me, too, and I know exactly how I want it to be. I want it to be how we both want it to be.
  • Max: Yeah.

Home Video release[]

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  • This episode seems to have aired out of order, since the gang meets Sid Sycamore and builds a tree house on him in this episode, while in the episode, "Ord's Unhappy Birthday", the gang already knows Sid Sycamore and the tree house has also already been built.
    • This is especially evident in the character’s voices, as Ord’s voice is more higher pitched than usual. Therefore, this appears to be one of the earliest produced episodes.
  • When Cassie shrinks crying over how Emmy wrongfully adjusted the former's bookcase, her (Cassie's) mouth remains shut despite an obvious voice.
  • Emmy was still stuck inside the tree house when Zak and Wheezie took their steps away. How did she manage to get down without those or a ladder, and without getting hurt to stand up? It wouldn't have been safe to jump off as she could have hurt one or both of her feet, and there was no branch at the entryway for her to crawl on and climb down from.
  • It was still raining purple goo when the gang resumed their picnic; however, it didn't appear to be raining when, outside the window, Sid was asking what he was and Max replied, "Chopped lumber." It couldn't have stopped raining already, could it?

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Moral: It's okay to feel excited about your own ideas; however, it pays to listen to what others have to say, whether it's an opinion on what they want to try, or an important suggestion of what you need to try.
  • Because, as Ord mentions at one point, purple goo is harder to get off than bubble gum, peanut butter wouldn't have been as effective if purple goo got into somebody's hair like it would have if the problematic object was gum.
  • This is one of the few episodes where the friends get angry.
  • It is never shown what made Cassie return to her normal size.
  • This is also an episode where any human children besides Emmy or Max are ever shown, as Max (and then Emmy) sees two girls working on a tree house through his telescope. In fact, this is presumably the last such episode prior to Enrique's debut.