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Enrique, voiced by Aida Ortega, is Emmy and Max's new best friend and next-door neighbor who moved to the U.S. from Colombia. He first appears in the beginning of season three and travels to Dragon Land with the children. His recent experiences in South America provide more opportunities for the characters to demonstrate the meaning of new Spanish words, much like Dora the Explorer, Rosita from Sesame Street and Handy Manny. He rides with Zak and Wheezie, the two-headed dragon who rarely flew with any human friends until Enrique's debut, except in occasional episodes. His age is unknown, although it is possible that he could be around 8 years old.

Physical Appearance[]

Enrique is a dark-haired boy wearing a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans and dark blue and white shoes.


Like Quetzal, he is a bilingual character and teaches the meanings of Spanish words to the rest of the gang, providing them the opportunity to learn a little more Spanish. Also, like Quetzal and unlike Max and Emmy, he's very fluent in Spanish and speaks it very well. He still has some trouble with his English, so Max and Emmy and the dragon friends are always willing to help him with it.


Enrique is Emmy and Max's new friend and next-door neighbor who moved to the U.S. from Colombia and also lived in Puerto Rico for a short time. He still misses his former homeland in Colombia and occasionally talks about how he misses the parties and traditions and the friends he used to have in the country he no longer lives in. However, he's glad he's met his new friends next door to his new house and Dragon Land.


Season 3[]


  • Enrique was very frightened of the dragon friends in his debut because he thought they were vicious and they were going to hurt him and was nervous he wouldn't make much friends since it was barely his first time visiting Dragon Land. However, he overcame his fear after his debut and got to know Dragon Land better through the rest of his appearances.
  • Enrique likes to learn new Spanish words, just like Dora the Explorer, Rosita from Sesame Street and Handy Manny, ironically, both Sesame Street and Dragon Tales were made by Sesame Workshop.