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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Express Yourself" from season three, which aired on March 4, 2005.


  • Enrique: I can’t wait to see it, Pinky.
  • Max: Who’s Pinky?
  • Enrique: It’s my new nickname for Cassie.
  • Cassie: Huh?
  • Enrique: Because you remind me of my cousin, Rosa. ‘Rosa’ in Spanish means ‘pink’.
  • Emmy: Zak, Wheezie, let’s keep an eye on the fog machine.
  • Wheezie: It’ll be a breeze! Get it? Breeze?
  • Zak: [unamused] We get it, but we wish we didn’t have to.
  • Enrique: Pinky!
  • [Cassie closes her eyes and covers her ears]
  • Enrique: Pinky! The handle is stuck! Help!
  • Emmy: We gotta stop that cloud!
  • Cassie: But we promised Polly we’d watch the cloud factory.
  • Max: Ord and I can stay here.
  • Zak: You sure you two will be okay?
  • Max: Sure, we’re sure.
  • Emmy: Cassie, why didn’t you help Enrique back at the cloud factory? He was calling to you.
  • Cassie: I didn’t hear him because my hands were over my ears.
  • Emmy: It wasn’t that loud in there, was it?
  • Cassie: I was covering my ears because I didn’t want to hear Enrique call me…….Pinky again.
  • Emmy: How come?
  • Cassie: Well……… a mean dragon at school used to tease me. He called me Pinky Shrinky all the time. I wish I could ask Enrique not to call me by that nickname.
  • Emmy: Why don’t you?
  • Cassie: It’s just…….what if I hurt his feelings? I know he’s not calling me that nickname to be mean.
  • Emmy: Well, I think the best thing is to just be honest and tell Enrique that the nickname makes you feel bad. He’ll understand.
  • Cassie: Yes, I could say what I want to that way, but I shouldn’t be afraid to use my words. I’ve been practicing all morning and now I’m going to tell him.
  • Cassie: Enrique, may I please talk to you alone?
  • Enrique: Claro que sí.
  • Cassie: I know you really like the nickname "Pinky," because it makes you think about your cousin.
  • Enrique: You'd really like her, Pinky.
  • Cassie: Yes, well, the thing is, when you call me that, it makes me think about a mean dragon who used to tease me.
  • Enrique: Oh. Really? I didn't know.
  • Cassie: So, um, could you please not call me that name anymore?
  • Enrique: Of course, Cassie. I understand.
  • Cassie: I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.
  • Enrique: No way. I hope I didn't hurt yours.
  • [They hug.]