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Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique
Season: 3
Production code: 12a
Broadcast number: 12a
Written by:
Cynthia Cohen
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
March 9, 2005
Paired with
"On Thin Ice" (2005 Broadcast)

Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique is the twelfth episode of the third season of Dragon Tales.


It's Enrique's birthday and Max, Emmy and the dragon friends decide to throw a party in Dragon Land to celebrate. Enrique is very happy, but is also sad because he still misses the parties and games his family and friends used to have in Colombia.


Emmy has wrapped a present for Enrique (including tying a bow), but, upon being asked this, allows Max to give it to Enrique. When Enrique comes in and opens it, it is a toy rocket that (to Max) "can fly right to the moon." The scale shines, and the three children say the opening rhyme to go to Dragon Land. When they do arrive, the dragons shout, "Surprise!" Enrique asks if it is all for him, and Wheezie confirms it. Quetzal wishes a "Feliz cumpleaños" to Enrique, much to the latter's thanks. Quetzal leaves to prepare the next day's lesson and tells the others to enjoy their party. Cassie has Emmy pass out some blowers that make noises (and faces when blown out). The group marches having fun, until Enrique gets sad and sighs. Ord worries, asking him if he's sad because his blower stopped working. Enrique denies this. It is because they remind him of something they used to do back when he lived in Colombia: tiny whistles hidden in the frosting of birthday cakes. He explains (by Emmy asking why that was done) that it was because it was so much fun to yank the whistles out and lick off the gooey frosting, much to everyone's amusement but Zak's, as he believes it sounds messy.

Up comes another feature: a dragon sculpture that resembles a piñata. Cassie understands that it looks that way, but Ord and Max explain it's for another fun birthday game: Pin the badge on the dragon. Cassie explains that every player gets a badge (without the chain or strap), Max adds that player has to put it on the dragon's neck (like a real dragon badge, as Ord adds), and Zak and Wheezie add that he or she has to do it blindfolded. Emmy finally says that whoever is closest wins. Enrique would like to try, but Ord is really eager to go first. Cassie tells him because it's Enrique's birthday, he should go first. However, probably because he is not used to it, Enrique allows Ord to go first. Zak and Wheezie blindfold Ord and turn him around clockwise twice. Ord puts it on one of the dragon's feet, to Max and Ord's amusement, as the badge is now a "dragon shoe." Enrique gets the next turn, but this time, Ord puts the blindfold on him, and Enrique puts it on the dragon's belly, again amusing Max and then Enrique.

As the group (now wearing party hats) are having juice from boxes, Cassie observes Enrique feeling sad again. She asks him if he doesn't like his party. He confirms he does, and that it's really nice of everyone to do it for him; he just feels sad. Ord worries that he is feeling sad on his own birthday. Wheezie blames Zak for them not blowing up enough balloons, but Zak refuses blame for not having as much hot air as she does. Enrique breaks it up, saying the balloons are fantastic (saying the adjective in Spanish, as the feminine plural form). He says he just misses the parties they had back in Colombia, and sits on a rock. Cassie asks what he misses about them, and Emmy adds that maybe talking about it will help. Enrique explains that his friends and family would get together and celebrate with music, games, and all kinds of food (like a fiesta, as Wheezie excitedly points out). Sometimes, Enrique's friends and family would play the stereo, and the grownups would hand out instruments like güiros or maracas, and they'd all (kids included) dance along with it. Enrique is sad again, as he misses those parties. Starting with Zak and Wheezie, the group decides to have music and dancing like they had. Zak and Wheezie play some music like a xylophone on their scales, to everyone's excitement, including Zak and Wheezie's. Enrique decides it'll be more like it was back at his old home, but they have none, not even Wheezie who looks through her messy pouch (though she does find an umbrella without its fabric, a boot she had been looking for, and a concertina), so Emmy suggests they make some. Max approves, but doesn't know how, so Ord takes seeds from a dragon pod from its tree and puts them in his pouch, shaking it. However, not everyone can use Ord's pouch, so upon seeing Wheezie slurp the rest of her juice from her box, Enrique suggests they use their juice boxes. Approving of this, everyone else finishes his or her juice. Ord then puts three seeds into each of the others' juice boxes, and Max tests his. It sounds like a good maraca, much to Ord's impression. Zak and Wheezie play their musical tail again, and the maracas are shaken, including Ord's pouch and the others' juice box maracas. Enrique is happy for a while, but because it reminds him of his family and friends in Colombia, he gets sad again, much to Ord's concern. Wheezie suggests the Dragonland Conga. Although sure it sounds fun, Enrique doesn't feel like it. Cassie then suggests talking to Quetzal, as he helps her figure out her feelings. Enrique decides to follow this suggestion.

Back at the School in the Sky, a sad Enrique explains his situation, including appreciating all the others are doing for him, and wanting to have fun and let the sadness out. Quetzal explains that sometimes he feels sad too, and when he feels especially sad, there is only one thing he wants to do: cry. He guesses Enrique feels the same way. He hesitates because he'd been told the "boys don't cry" philosophy just because, as Quetzal paraphrases, "it is not macho." Quetzal then tells him there is no shame, as it can be a fine way to let the sadness out. Enrique then walks over into Quetzal's arms and silently cries.

After exiting the schoolhouse, the rest of the gang greets him, which he returns, and Ord asks if he's okay, observing that he looks like he's been crying. Enrique admits it, but he feels better about having done so. Emmy tells him he does seem happier now. Of course, Enrique does feel a little bit sad, but at the same time, he wants to have fun, as it is his birthday. The group then does the Dragonland Conga. When he tells Quetzal he doesn't feel sad anymore, much to the latter's happiness too, he joins the conga.

After the three children leave for home, Enrique invites Max and Emmy to his house for birthday cake that will have tiny whistles in the frosting. They approve of this.



Feliz Cumpleaños, Enrique (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Quetzal: I must go back to preparing tomorrow's lesson. Enjoy your party, niños!
  • Ord: What's the matter, Enrique? Did your blower stop working?
  • Enrique: No. These remind me of the tiny whistles we used to hide in the frosting of birthday cakes in Colombia.
  • Emmy: Why did you do that?
  • Enrique: [chuckles] Because it was so much fun to pull them out and lick the gooey frosting off.
  • Zak: Sounds messy to me.
  • Max: Now the dragon badge is a dragon shoe, Ord.
  • Max: Now it's a belly badge.
  • Cassie: Don't you like your party, Enrique?
  • Enrique: Claro que sí, Cassie.
  • Wheezie: Ooh! Like a fiesta! Fiestas are so... festive!
  • Max: We can't all shake your pouch, Ord.
  • Ord: Oh. Right.
  • Enrique: I always heard that boys…they don't…they're not supposed to…
  • Quetzal: Ah, they are not supposed to cry because it is not macho.
  • Quetzal: There's no shame in crying, Enrique. Trust me. It can be a fine way to let the sadness out.
  • Ord: Are you okay, Enrique? You look like you've been crying.
  • Enrique: Sí, but it's okay. Quetzal told me crying helps let the sadness out, and he was right.

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • It’s okay to cry when you feel sad, even if you are a boy. It sometimes helps you feel better.
    • The saying/belief that men and boys don't cry no matter what is nonsense, because even males have feelings no matter how old they are.
    • It's okay to miss your country of origin. You can still go visit it someday when you want to go on a vacation and visit your family members who live there.
  • "Pin the badge on the dragon" is an equivalent to "Pin the tail on the donkey."
    • It is the second episode that has a variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, the first being "Stormy Weather."
      • Interestingly, Ord is involved in both variations.
      • Also, unlike both the previous variation and the original, here, the object being pinned on is a totally three-dimensional sculpture and out of a picture.
  • At one point, Enrique mentions güiros (Yes, that word does have a dieresis - the two dots in a row, also an umlaut to some - on top of the U for pronunciation after G and before E or I because without the dieresis, the U is silent after G to harden it before G alone would be soft) as an instrument. Güiros are some kind of percussion instrument with notches that are rubbed against by a stick or brush.
  • This is the sixth episode that has to do with anyone's birthday, the first being "Ord's Unhappy Birthday" (the guest of honor being Ord), the second being "A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words" (there, it's his mother), the third being "Just Desserts" (there, it's Mungus's mother), the fourth being "On Thin Ice" (there, it's Willie the Snow Seal), and the fifth being "The Art of Patience" (there, it's Quetzal), but the fourth where it concerns someone whose full body is shown (including their face), the second being "On Thin Ice," and the third being "The Art of Patience," and second where it concerns someone actually in the gang. In all three cases, "Ord's Unhappy Birthday" is the first.
  • This is an episode where there is no flying (aside from the dragons on the playroom wall when the children transport from there to Dragon Land).