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Finders Keepers
Season: 2
Production code: 3a
Broadcast number: 3a
Written by:
Jim Fisher
Jim Staahl
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
June 6, 2001
Paired with
"Remember The Pillow Fort" (2001 Broadcast)
"A Storybook Ending" (2005 Broadcast)

Finders Keepers is the first segment of the third episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


The Dragon Land Aquarium is open, and everyone is excited to visit for the first time. However, Wheezie loses the tickets she ordered. She must learn to remember where she placed the tickets by retracing her steps.


On Thursday the tenth (month not specified), Emmy and Max arrive in Dragon Land. They first meet up with Ord and Cassie. Much later, when Zak and Wheezie learn from Ord and Max about Dragon Land Aquarium opening with rides, as well as food, shows, and a Squirtfish. Wheezie gets excited, but Zak reminds her they are supposed to clean up their room. Wheezie dismisses the idea.

When the gang arrives at the Aquarium, Max attempts to get through the turnstile, which he declares is stuck. A gnome at the ticket section tells him he can't get in without a ticket. Emmy reveals that Wheezie has bought tickets. She reveals, however, that she has lost them. She explains that she didn't know where she put the tickets and asks the gnome to please let them in, and she'll find them later. He politely refuses because the rule is, "No ticket, no entrance."

Zak gets mad at Wheezie for it, and she laments, worrying she may have lost them forever. Cassie suggests the "Lost and Not Yet Found," as Quetzal had once sent Ord there when the latter lost his dragon badge.

At the Lost and Not Yet Found stand, Priscilla, the big-feathered dragon from "The Ugly Dragling," offers to help the gang (particularly Wheezie). They ask about any misplaced aquarium tickets. She finds croquet wickets, noisy crickets (Ord had lost those at some point), an umbrella, a giant shoe (boot, actually), and a whoopie cushion (though the main body is squarish, making it look more like a hot water bottle), but no tickets. She insinuates that they might have been thrown away by mistake, much to Zak's dismay, and suggests the Dragon Dump.

Arlo offers sympathy for the ticket loss, and suggests looking on Recycle Hill. At that place, a broken folding chair almost falls on Max, but Ord pulls him away... and he believes Zak about it being impossible. Emmy suggests that Wheezie retrace her steps, not meaning to draw around her feet as Max asks, but meaning to remember all the places she had been when she had the tickets.

It was shown to start at the aquarium entrance. The gnome asks them if they found the tickets. Ord says they haven't yet, but they will; they are retracing their steps. Zak had given Wheezie the tickets to hold, and she was so excited that she ran all the way to the playground, and while she and Zak were on a swing, she put them in her side of the pouch, much to no surprise of Zak's, since his side is neat and hers is messy. Then she had seen a butterfly and made him fly after it in vain. Then that was when she saw not the tickets as the others asked, but the mailman (maybe a mail dragon) at their mailbox. Then she took the mail and tickets to their knuckerhole. The gang enters there. She set the mail down and they went to take a nap, but not before taking the tickets out of her pouch, but Wheezie again doesn't remember where she put them.

The gang decides to help Zak and Wheezie tidy up their room, with some of them constantly coming across the tickets, but never seeing them, as they put things away.

First, as Wheezie asks where the tickets are, she shakes her pillow, and they fall out. Ord then carries a box of stuff, and a piece of clothing falls onto the area of the bed where the tickets are. Cassie then picks up the clothing and the tickets, not seeing the latter. She then folds the clothing piece on top of the dresser and puts them away, and walks away, still not seeing the tickets that were left. Max looks under a pillow and picks up a stuffed dragon and then puts it on top of the dresser, again not seeing the tickets. Emmy picks up the stuffed dragon, not seeing the tickets there either, and tells Max that the dolls go on the shelf, but Max asks how he's supposed to know that. Ord has failed to find any in a book he looks through, which he puts on top of the tickets, once again, not seeing them. Max takes the book, unaware that he has made the tickets hit the floor, and puts it on a bookshelf. Zak gets tired from all this looking and tidying, with nobody aware that Wheezie has just stepped on them.

Eventually, when Wheezie goes crazy over the tickets' whereabouts, and she (and Zak) fall back onto the bed, Max points to the whereabouts: Wheezie's foot. Wheezie apologizes to everyone else and asks them to forgive her. Zak accepts it, and she kisses him.

Finally, they make it, and there are fireworks that night. Ord is shown eating dragon corn as they are leaving. Emmy bids the squirtfish good-bye, and it waves back. Max asks why they call it a squirtfish. It then answers the question by squirting a lot of water on the gang.

Once Max and Emmy return home, Max wants to show Emmy something: he has a squirtfish of his own, and he squirts her.



Finders Keepers (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Ticket Taking Gnome: Sorry, young lady. No ticket, no entrance. That's the rule.
  • Wheezie: What if I've lost them forever?
  • Priscilla: Tickets? Nope, sorry. Maybe you threw them away by mistake.
  • Max: Look, Emmy! I have a squirt fish, too!

Home Video release[]

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Retracing steps helps you remember where you were when you lost something.
    • Cleaning up your room makes it easier to find things.
    • Tickets are necessary to go certain places, so that it will be known how many guests have entered.
  • The ride operator from Roller Coaster Dragon returns, although he is voiced by Ian James Corlett instead of Scott McNeil.