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Finn's Toys - Los Juguetes de Finn is an online Dragon Tales game that was featured on the PBS Kids website during Dragon Tales' airtime.


The player can pick toys for Finn to play with. First, the player chooses three toys. Each time the player chooses a toy, Enrique will say the name of the toy in Spanish, and Cassie will say the name of the toy in English. After the three toys have been chosen, the player must identify the toys by their Spanish names. Enrique will say the Spanish name of a toy, and the player must choose that toy. If the player holds the mouse over a toy for more than a couple seconds, Enrique and Cassie will repeat the Spanish and English names of the toy. After the player has identified all three toys by their Spanish names, the game can be played again with different toys.

Original description[]

In Finn's Toys - Los Juguetes de Finn, Cassie and Enrique identify pictures using English and Spanish words. Children then have to help Finn find the object using the Spanish word.