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Dragon Tales - Follow The Clues VHS Cover


  1. Columbia TriStar Home Video Logo
  2. Coming Soon to Home Video Bumper
  3. The Trumpet of the Swan Preview
  4. Thomas and the Magic Railroad Preview
  5. Now Available on Home Video Bumper
  6. Bear in the Big Blue House Videos Preview
  7. FBI Warning Screen
  8. Hi-Fi Stereo Logo
  9. Dragon Tales Theme Songs
  10. A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words
  11. The Silly Song
  12. Follow The Dots
  13. Shake Your Dragon Tail
  14. Wheezie's Last Laugh
  15. Dragon Tales Website Promo
  16. Dragon Tales Credits (A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words, Follow The Dots, and Wheezie's Last Laugh)
  17. Children's Television Workshop 1997 Logo
  18. Columbia TriStar Television Logo
  19. Dragon Tales Funding Kellogg's Rice Krispies/Frosted Flakes
  20. CPB/The us Department of Education (Dragon Tales Version)
  21. PBS Kids Logo


  • This is the first VHS Release to not have a DVD counterpart.
  • The songs in this VHS are the same ones in Do The Right Thing!.