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Follow The Dots
Season: 1
Production code: 17a
Broadcast number: 17a
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 19, 1999
Paired with
"A Smashing Success"

Follow The Dots is the first segment of the seventeenth episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The gang must play a big connect-the-dots game in order to find Ord's father's special whistler that they were playing Whack-It-Back with.


Emmy is playing a connect-the-dots game on an activity book (making a cat), and Max is sticking stickers on another activity book, but accidentally puts a sticker with two airplanes on the blank next to the number three. He tries to get it off, but it sticks to him. Ultimately, he sticks it to his chair. The dragons then call.

Once the children arrive, they see that their dragon friends are playing Whack-It-Back, a game similar to badminton, using a whistler for a shuttlecock (or birdie to some). Zak and Wheezie are (naturally) on one team, while Ord and Cassie are on the other. When Emmy and Max find out about this, Max joins Ord and Cassie on one side, and Emmy joins Zak and Wheezie on the other. When Ord whacks the whistler with his tail, it is going, going, gone, so the gang tries looking in bushes. Ord especially worries because it belongs to his father, and he promised he'd take good care of it. A voice tells the gang (in a counting rhyme a la "1, 2, Buckle My Shoe") he can help them. It belongs to Norm, the Number Gnome. He decides instead of telling them, it would be more fun using the numbers 10 to 1. He starts by throwing ten blue circles to use for dots. Once they land somewhere, they swell up. He then gives a pen to each of them and disappears. Cassie finds the first one, and then she, Emmy, and Max get there. There is one rock. Wheezie then finds another by two trees. Ord doesn't know how they'll know which number goes with which dot. Max decides it's like his puzzle book. Emmy agrees and says to write the number of things next to the dot. Once Max counts the rock, he writes the number 1 next to that dot. He then counts the two trees (which do the hula right after). Accompanied by Emmy, Cassie writes the number 2 by that dot. Ord and Max race to another dot, then Cassie and Emmy next to three of something unspecified, and then Zak and Wheezie to a place with four fuzzy plants.

The dot Ord and Max get to has five watermelons, and Max asks Ord to write down the number while he counts. After Max counts three of them, they shiver and bounce, so he can't do that, so Ord has another idea: eat every melon Max counts. However, after four, he can't eat another whole one, so he breaks the fifth in half and gives one half of it to Max, who has managed to write the number down.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Emmy reach a bush of what Cassie reveals to be spicy-hot dragon peppers. Emmy notes that that's just like Mexican chili peppers, so she counts them in Spanish. There are six, so Cassie writes that number.

Back to Ord and Max, they come across giant dandelions, which Ord is allergic to; however, it's his turn to count them. After every two Ord counts, a sneeze starts brewing. After the seventh, he can't hold it in any longer and sneezes all the seeds off. Max writes the number down.

Zak and Wheezie come across a dot. So far, there is nothing next to it. However, a shadow resembling the dot flies across. Zak tries whacking them away with a fly-swatter; however, Wheezie sees and assures him that those are only shadows of Do-Re-Mi birds, who then fly down. Wheezie has an idea, so for the following idea, Zak puts his fly-swatter back in their pouch and takes out a baton (that's the stick used by symphony conductors) to conduct the birds to sing their do-re-mis while the twins sing the numbers. When the conducting is finished, the birds fly away, and Wheezie writes the number.

Ord and Max find another blank dot... at least until a bunch of stinky-dig bugs come into Max's view. Knowing how they really smell, Max decides to hold his nose while he counts them. Ord agrees, making the same gesture. Max counts nine of them, so Ord writes that number.

Zak and Wheezie come across the last dot, and next to it is a bush of rosy-poos. But they can't seem to count at the same time, so with them resolving their differences as to who should sing and who should point, Wheezie gets out a whistle that looks like a kazoo, but sounds like a harmonica, they both sing-count the number of rosy-poos and each one blooms for every count, and once again, Wheezie writes down the number 10 (both digits).

The gang comes together, none of which pair could find any more dots, so Max concludes they have counted them all, and so Emmy says it's time to connect them all. Max climbs into Ord's pouch, and they fly off. Cassie flies off, carrying Emmy in her right arm, and the twins fly up, and they see the dots. Ord has Max connect dots 1 to 2 (which he counts out loud). Emmy connects dots 2 to 3 (which she counts out loud). Then Zak connects the next pair (which Wheezie counts out loud). Then Max again, then Cassie, then Ord, then Zak, Emmy, Zak, and Max. However, Wheezie points out that they have come back to the first dot, much to Zak's dismay. Because Max thought the line was supposed to connect them to Ord's whistler, Zak believes they've been tricked. Max decides that, just like before, the connection of the dots was just like his puzzle book. Emmy agrees again, as when she finishes connecting the dots in her puzzle book, the lines make a picture, but it looks too big to see from the ground, so the group flies again to look. It turns out they had connected the dots to make a big arrow, and it was pointing to a tree (even though the tip of the arrow was in one of the bushes. The gang reaches the tree (where Norm is shown to be in), and Ord finds the whistler on one of the branches, and then he retrieves it and nuzzles it affectionately.

Max and Emmy return, and they decide to connect more dots. Max comes across one, and when he's finished, it is a picture of Norm.



Follow The Dots (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Zak: I think you put too much zing in your swing.
  • Norm: One, two, I think I can help you.
  • Ord: Who said that?
  • Norm the Number Gnome: Three, four, it's me you're looking for.

Home Video release[]



  • In this episode, they used the wrong clip of the dragons flying around Emmy and Max's playroom from "A Smashing Success," which has them both holding flashlights.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • While this wasn't thought of, it would have helped to underline both the 6 next to the dragon pepper bush and the 9 next to the stinky dink bugs, just like on pool balls, so that if someone else came across it from a different side, they wouldn't mistake either digit for the other.
  • This is an episode where Ord and Cassie carry their respective best friends in some manner other than their backs; Cassie carries Emmy in one of her arms (which marks one of two times, the other being "Up, Up And Away"), and Ord carries Max in his pouch.