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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Follow The Dots" from season one, which aired on October 19, 1999.


  • [In the playroom, Emmy is drawing in a coloring book on the floor while Max is at the table with his own puzzle book. Max takes a sticker with two blue airplanes and puts it into the book.]
  • Max: There. 1, 2 airplanes. Next to the number………3? Oh no! I stuck the sticker in the wrong place!
  • [Max tries to take the sticker off, but it gets stuck to his thumb.]
  • Max: Get off!
  • Max: You write the number this time and I’ll count the watermelons.
  • Ord: You betcha!
  • Max: 1, 2, 3…..
  • [just then, the melons begin to move and bounce around.]
  • Max: 1…..2…..4……3 [frustrated] Ugh! They keep moving! I can’t count them!
  • Ord: Hmmm….. I know! I’ll eat them after you count them.
  • Max: Okay. 1…..
  • [Ord takes one watermelon and swallows it whole]
  • Max: 2……
  • [and another.]
  • Max: 3…….
  • [and another]
  • Max: 4……
  • [and another]
  • Max: 5!
  • [Max writes the number 5 on the ground. Ord is so stuffed with melons that he can’t eat another one. So he breaks the fifth one in half and gives it to Max.]
  • Ord: This one’s for you, Max.
  • Max: Thanks.
  • [Max takes the other half of the melon and eats it, getting watermelon juice all over his face. Meanwhile, Emmy and Cassie are seen next to a pepper bush.]
  • Emmy: What are those?
  • Cassie: Dragon peppers. They’re spicy HOT!!!
  • Emmy: Like Mexican chili peppers. I know. I’ll count them in Spanish.
  • [Emmy points to each pepper as she counts it.]
  • Emmy: Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, seis. That’s 6.
  • [Cassie writes the number 6 next to the dot.]
  • Max: I found another dot!
  • Ord: I don’t see anything we can count.
  • [Max goes up to the dot and sees something crawling on it.]
  • Max: I do. Stinky-dink bugs!
  • [Max plugs his nose so he doesn’t have to smell the stench.]
  • Max: [muffled] You write the number this time, because I gotta hold my nose.
  • Ord: [muffled] Okay, Max.