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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Follow The Leader" from season one which aired on April 17, 2000.


  • [One morning, a squirrel climbs onto the roof of Max and Emmy’s house and peeks through the playroom window. Inside, the kids are playing a board game when the squirrel gets their attention.]
  • Both: A squirrel!
  • Emmy: Jinx! Personal jinx! We both said squirrel.
  • [Max groans in annoyance, but Emmy covers his mouth.]
  • Emmy: Uh, uh, uh. You’re jinxed. You can’t make a sound until someone says your name.
  • [Max covers his own mouth and goes over to get the dragon scale, pointing to it.]
  • Emmy: You wanna go to Dragon Land?
  • Max: Oh, this game is dumb!
  • [Max splashes some water in frustration. Ord goes over to him.]
  • Ord: We can make it easier.
  • [Ord picks up Max and carries him across the stream.]
  • Emmy: Easier? That’ll be boring.
  • Ord: But Max can’t do it.
  • Zak: And we want Max to play.
  • Wheezie: Besides, easier rhymes with Wheezier. [Laughs]
  • Max: No fair! Somersaults are too hard!
  • Emmy: You don’t have to play, Max.
  • Max: Fine! I won’t!
  • Emmy: Fine! Don’t!
  • Emmy: No! It’s too hard! I’m too little! [Realizing what she just said] Gee. I sound like Max.
  • Zak: I have news for everybody: WE’RE NEVER GONNA GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!
  • Pooky: Let’s play some more, Emmy. We can play with your friends too.
  • [the rest of Emmy’s friends look worried.]
  • Emmy: But Pooky, I’m not having any fun. These games are too hard.
  • Max: That’s what I always say to Emmy.
  • Both: We’re home!
  • Max: Jinx! Personal jinx! Got you. No talking until somebody says your name, Emmy.
  • [Max then gasps, realizing he just said her name, thus breaking the jinx.]
  • Emmy: Thanks Max.
  • [The two of them laugh.]