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The Forest Bird is a minor character from the Forest of Darkness. In fact, she debuts in the episode of the forest's same name. She is the supposed "monster" of a forest because all that is seen of her at first are her big eyes. She is, however, helpful to anyone who may or may not be lost, or is simply trying to find a certain place or someone else. It is revealed in "Ord Sees The Light" that she is afraid of her own reflection, and that she likes the dark, and gets scared when the "sun" (actually, a flashlight) shines on her.

Every time she leaves the gang, Max says, "Nice bird."

Physical Appearance[]

The Forest Bird is a blue-gray bird with a big head and big eyes with blue pupils, and she has a yellow crest in three feathers, and her tail feathers come in three yellow ones, too, and her beak and legs are yellow-orange with sharp, matching talons.


Season 1[]

Dragon Tunes[]


It is said on Behind the Voice Actors that she is voiced by Andrea Libman, the voice of Emmy, in her first appearance, and by Kathleen Barr, the voice of Wheezie, in her last one.