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Four Little Pigs
Season: 1
Production code: 11b
Broadcast number: 11b
Written by:
Lane Raichert
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 4, 1999
Paired with
"Sky Pirates"

Four Little Pigs is the second segment of the eleventh episode of the first season of Dragon Tales.


The gang decides do a "Three Little Pigs" puppet show, but Zak and Wheezie have a disagreement and walk off when they don't get to be the wolf. They must learn to compromise and cooperate to put on a show for everyone to enjoy.


Emmy enters the playroom and sees Max drawing on a sock with a green marker next to a box full of torn clothing. Emmy warns Max that he's going to be busted, but Max denies this, stating that their dad said he could do anything he wanted with his old, torn clothes. To which he asks his hand puppet, and the puppet replies, "Definitely!", in an alien-like voice. Emmy has an idea to put on a puppet show with curtains, and a stage and tons of puppets. Max agrees with Emmy's idea, and they soon travel to Dragon Land to share their idea to the dragons.

Upon arrival, Max is showing his sock puppet to Ord, Cassie, Zak and Wheezie. Ord agrees to do the puppet show, and Wheezie leans down and grabs a sock puppet and puts it on her hand and sticks it in Zak's face. Zak covers his nose with two of his fingers in disgust and Cassie asks the kids what story they should do for the show. Emmy suggests they do a fairytale. Max suggests Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cassie suggests Hansel and Gretel, and Zak suggests they do "Three Little Pigs" Everyone agrees with Zak, and wastes no time in setting up the show, discussing the roles they are going to play.

Max is the pig in the straw house, Ord is the pig in the stick house, Cassie is the smart pig in the brick house, and Emmy decides to play the wolf. However, Zak and Wheezie are not happy, complaining how they are always the ones playing the music and want to be the wolf. When Emmy doesn't budge, Zak and Wheezie storm off the production and retreat to their knuckerhole, stating that if they can't play the wolf, they will not be a part of the puppet show. The gang initially tries to start the show without them, but when Ord reminds them they need music, Emmy gets an idea.

The puppet show begins with some dragon spectators coming along to see. As Emmy starts narrating the story, Ord and Emmy start stepping on each other's feet due to Ord's difficulty playing the music on his saxophone and performing simultaneously. Then, someone accidentally steps on her foot, and Max introduces himself as the first little pig and Emmy, playing the wolf, growls at his sock puppet, demanding the pig let her in, but the pig refuses by incorrectly saying, "Not by the hair on my thinny head head"! Ord corrects Max, but Max argues back. Emmy then shushes Max.

Meanwhile, Zak and Wheezie are in the knuckerhole pretending to play the wolf alone and Wheezie does some serious blowing which makes Zak cough. Zak then says next time, he'll do the blowing. The two start to feel guilty about the argument they had with Emmy and think maybe they should play the music and let Emmy play the wolf. They overhear the gang laughing and feel even more guilty of themselves.

Back at the puppet show, Emmy, as the wolf, after being refused to be let in, says she'll huff, and puff, and blow the pig's straw house down. And when Ord sticks his head out from behind the curtains, he does a blow that is so powerful that the whole stage collapses. scaring the gang as do the other dragons in the audience who run away. The gang realizes that without Zak and Wheezie, the show won't work. So they decide to go to their knuckerhole and convince them to come back, allowing them to be the wolf without playing any music, and that Ord won't have to step on everyone's toes or blow too hard. However, Max asks who will play the music and Ord asks who Emmy will be. Realizing there's four of them and only three pigs in the story, the gang has to rethink the solution.

The stage is all set up again and the dragon spectators return. The gang is backstage again and are convinced the show will work now. Emmy is playing flute, summoning the Do-Re-Mi birds in respective keys. Emmy narrates the story about the three little pigs. Max, Ord, and Cassie describe their characters as the three little pigs who built their houses out of straws, sticks, and bricks, respectively, until one day, an ugly and nasty two-headed wolf came to eat the pigs. Max (as the first pig) says they'll never get them as he's got hair on his chin. Zak and Wheezie (as the two-headed wolves) then say they'll huff, and puff, and blow their house down. Ord sticks his head from outside the curtain and blows down the straw house to make it seem like Zak and Wheezie's wolf puppets are doing it, sending the straws flying towards a laughing audience.

The first little pig hides behind the house of sticks with Ord (as the second little pig) and they blow down the stick house, too. Ord sticks his head outside the curtain and blows the house down as if it were the wolves, sending the sticks flying towards a laughing audience. The two little pigs hide behind the third little pig's house made out of bricks and says they'll never blow down her house. Wheezie (as half of the wolf puppet) says, "That's what you think!" Ord sticks his head out and blows the house down as if it were the wolves. The audience is laughing until they realize that was not how the story goes.

With the three houses now gone, the wolves have got the pigs surrounded and the three little pigs tremble in fear since they're about to get eaten, when another little pig played by Emmy tells the wolves to back off. When the wolves ask who she is, Emmy replies that she's the fourth little pig and that she's going to huff, and puff, and blow them down. She inhales and exhales and blows Zak and Wheezie's wolf puppets away. The two scream and make wolf noises as this is happening to them. With the evil wolves now gone, the four little pigs laugh and giggle for a few seconds until they turn to the audience and Emmy says, "And the four little pigs lived happily ever after." The pigs take their bows and run offstage. The dragons in the audience cheer and give the four little pigs a standing ovation. The gang takes their bows as the puppet show turned out great. The Do-Re-Mi birds play finale music as the show comes to an end.

Upon returning home, Max agrees with Emmy that it was the best show they put on, and they should do another one tomorrow. Max suggests they do "Jack and the Beanstalk" where he will play the big, mean giant. Emmy disagrees and says they should do "The Frog Prince" instead, where she will play the princess and he will play the handsome prince and she will kiss him and turn him back into a human. Emmy's sock puppet kisses Max's sock puppet on the cheek and Max recoils back in disgust and says he's poisoned. Emmy's sock puppet kisses Max's again and Max is still disgusted and coughs.



Four Little Pigs (transcript)

Memorable Quotes[]

  • Emmy: [gasps] What are you doing, Max?
  • Max: Drawing on a sock.
  • Emmy: You're gonna be in big trouble!
  • Max: Nuh uh! Dad said I could do anything I wanted with his old, torn clothes. Didn't he? [as the sock] Definitely!
  • Wheezie: Oh! Oh! I just love sock puppets! They're so...!
  • Zak: Smelly! Yuck!
  • Ord: [referring to the three little pigs] What did they eat?
  • Zak: Well, we wanna be the wolf!
  • Wheezie: Yeah! No wolf...!
  • Zak and Wheezie: No Zak and Wheezie!
  • Zak: No! If we can't be the wolf...!
  • Wheezie: We don't wanna play with you anymore!
  • Max: [as the first little pig] Not by the hair of my heady-head-head!
  • Ord: Don't you mean "chinny-chin-chin"?
  • Max: I don't have any hair on my chin.
  • Emmy: Shh.
  • Zak: The first little pig built his house out of straw.
  • Wheezie: Then the two-headed wolves said, "I'll huff and puff and I'll blow your knuckerhole down!"
  • Ord: [as the second little pig] I built my house of sticks, after I ate up all the ice cream!
  • Cassie: [as the third little pig] You'll never blow my house of bricks, you nasty wolf!
  • Wheezie: [as one of the wolf heads] That's what you think!
  • Zak: [as one of the wolf heads] Ha ha ha! Now we've got you pigs!
  • Cassie: [as the third little pig] Oh, dear, oh, dear! Uh oh!
  • Emmy: [as the fourth little pig] Stop that, you ugly wolf!
  • Zak and Wheezie: [as the two-headed wolf] Who are you?!
  • Emmy: I'm the fourth little pig! And I'm gonna huff, and puff, and blow you down!
  • [She does, and they scream, and she blows them away again.]
  • Max and Emmy: I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home, until next time.
  • Emmy: Wasn't that the best puppet show ever, Max?
  • Max: Yeah! Let's do another one tomorrow. Yahoo!!! How 'bout "Jack and the Beanstalk"? I'll be the big, mean giant! Grr!!!
  • Emmy: No. Let's do "The Frog Prince". I'll kiss you and you'll turn into a handsome prince. [smooch]
  • Max: Yuck!! I'm poisoned!!

Home Video release[]


  • Let's Be Friends! (2001)
  • Let's Share! Let's Play! (2001) (Blockbuster-exclusive)
  • Just Imagine (2005) (Reader’s Digest tape)



  • When the puppet stage crashes, you can hear Wheezie screaming despite the fact that Zak and Wheezie were absent because they were told they couldn't play the wolf.
  • When the puppet show ends, the pink dragon appears standing up and clapping with the orange dragon on his right side, but in the shot after that, she is gone.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Morals:
    • Stories don't always have to be told in the same original telling. Sometimes, a different way of telling it can offer something new and interesting.
    • If you are the director of a show, think about what part your actors (or puppeteers) want to do (whether it comes to playing any character or crewing).
    • You cannot always get what you want. Learn to compromise when all else fails.
  • The pink dragon appears in one shot near the end, but in other shots, she doesn't appear in those.
  • Max and Emmy are never shown appearing in Dragon Land in this episode. After they vanish from the playroom, the scene cuts straight to Max's sock puppet in use.
  • Quetzal does not appear in this episode.
  • Two of the dragons in the audience share the same voice actors who voice Max and Cassie, with the yellow dragon with the blue badge being voiced by Danny McKinnon, and the blue dragon with the red badge being voiced by Chantal Strand.