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This is a transcript of the Dragon Tales episode "Frog Prints" from season one, which aired on January 21, 2000.


  • [The episode begins in the playroom where Max is struggling to put on his left shoe]
  • Max: I can't get it on!
  • [Emmy approaches him]
  • Emmy: I'll help you.
  • [Emmy pushes down on the sole on Max's shoe, securing it on his foot]
  • Max: Thanks
  • Emmy: Come on, Max. We don't want to be late for Quetzal's rafting trip.
  • [Emmy goes over to get the scale. Max picks up his other shoe that's on the floor next to him]
  • Max: What about my other sneaker?
  • Emmy: We'll put it on you when we get there.
  • Max: But......he's my new best friend.
  • Cassie: Maybe Quetzal's right, Max. I don't think Hoppy would be happy if you took him away from here.
  • Max: Yes, he would! He'd be real happy, 'cause he'd be with me. Right Hoppy?
  • Emmy: You don't have to take Hoppy home, Max. Maybe Mom will buy you a pet.
  • Max: But Hoppy is my pet. Can't I take him home, Quetzal? Please?
  • Quetzal: I'm afraid not, Niño.
  • Max: There must be some way we can be together, Hoppy.
  • Quetzal: Don’t run ahead too far, Niños! I have to tie up the raft!