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Giggle flowers are a fictional flower found in Dragon Land. They are called that because they giggle and make others giggle, too.


In "A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words," Ord has only found one, but he is looking for a lot to find for a bouquet to give to his mother for her birthday, as they're her favorite. After some steps from the Doodle Fairy, they go through a knuckerhole that ends up in a garden full of them. That garden belongs to Quetzal. With Quetzal's permission and help, Ord obtains a bouquet and gives them to his mother, who is amused by them and hugs him in gratitude.

In "Team Work," the Giggle flowers are in bloom. When Max says if he had any seeds, he'd grow them all over the place, but Ord explains that they only grow in places that are rare.