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Green Thumbs
Season: 2
Production code: 14b
Broadcast number: 14b
Written by:
Lane Raichert
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 6, 2001
Paired with
"Sticky Situation" (2001 Broadcast)
"Hand In Hand" (2005 Broadcast)

Green Thumbs is the second segment of the fourthteenth episode of the second season of Dragon Tales.


Max and Emmy and the dragon friends find a lost flower they name Lily who has been separated from her family, thanks to the rain. So, the gang decides to take her back home to reunite her with her family.


Max and Emmy are playing treasure hunt in their playroom, and once the dragon scale glows when the dragons call them over, they go to Dragon Land to play with their dragon friends. Max realizes that it had been raining really heavily there, but it just stopped prior to their arrival.

The gang hears someone crying, and they go searching for who's making the sound. They all find a lost baby flower drifting helplessly along the creek; they don't know her name, so they decide to name her "Lily." They learn that she was uprooted by the heavy rain and was washed into the creek. Now separated from her parents, she misses them so dearly that she feels very sad and cries so badly. Ord promises they will bring her back to where she belongs. Cassie uses a beach bucket and shovel to put dirt inside it, and Max and Emmy place Lily inside of it.

The gang begins their adventure by following along the creek. They all see Lily droopy. Ord suggests that she needs a nap, so Zak and Wheezie decide to sing her a lullaby, but she's still awake droopy. Ord goes to the creek to drink water, but accidentally splashes some water onto Lily. Afterwards, they see that the water is making her feel better; Ord then gives her some more water to her, and she's happier than ever. They decide to stop for a snack.

As Ord's eating several sandwiches, he gives more water to Lily; however she's now feeling a little uncomfortable, and her leaves are turning yellow as the rest of the gang gives her even more water, until it spills from the bucket and her leaves turn completely yellow. They soon notice that she's feeling sick. Hearing that Ord's also feeling sick from eating too much, Cassie figures out that they had been giving her too much water. She goes down to the creek to pour the excess water and plants dry dirt in the bucket to soak up the extra. As Lily feels so much better, her dry yellow leaves begin to fall off, and new green leaves start to grow. The gang apologizes to her, and she forgives them.

They continue their journey to find her family. Cassie mentions that flowers tend to lose their dry and yellow leaves and even flower petals so that new ones can grow. Hearing this, Lily sings a happy tune and loses two of her petals. Then, Max finds flower petals that look like those of Lily's; the gang rushes further to see a meadow full of sweet flowers. Lily is so happy to see her parents again, and Ord and Max plant her back into the ground between her parents. Afterwards, she and her parents sing a lovely song, and while doing so, flower petals begin to float to make lei for each of the members of the gang. Everyone is so amazed, and Cassie figures that it was their way of thanking them. The dragons then say farewell to Max, Emmy and the flowers then they fly away. Max and Emmy say the rhyme to go back home.

At their house, Max is feeling droopy. Emmy suggests that treasure should cheer him up, but Max instead goes to get a cup of water, and Emmy joins him.



Green Thumbs (transcript)

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • The episode, along with "Sticky Situation", premiered five days before the September 11 attacks.
  • This marks the second episode where a flower (or any anthropomorphic inanimate object) cries, the first being "Cassie Loves A Parade," where that someone else would be Cosmo.